Spring Cleaning is not Just for Houses

When you seen clutter in your home, most people get so fed up looking at it, they finally do something about it.  The same principle lies in the your spiritual home – your church.

I have been reading “Bastards in the Pulpit” by William Owens.  Not only does the book exposes the “clutter” of flesh on display in the one place there shouldn’t be – the pulpit.  But it also exposes if you have or if you are in need of Scriptural Fathering.

This book is not for those who are classified as SMOs (Sunday Morning Only) Christians;  Nor those who recognize God as some type of spiritual “fire insurance”.    This book is for  those who dare to bare themselves as naked as the day they were born toward the Word of God to see where they measure up, where God has taken them,  and how far on the journey they need to go.

The time that we are living in is very critical and requires everyone who names Jesus as Lord – myself included, to carefully examine themselves, to see how pliable is their heart is toward the Lord in the area of being chastened.  Do we cower down or go into “full attack mode” when chastisement comes from a place we deem unlikely?  Do we look at ourselves first rather than pointing the finger at someone else?   Are we willing to ask ourselves the very questions we would interrogate another brother or sister with?  Once we have examined ourselves, are we willing to take on those who live – or worse, preach in error?

A case in point is a “preacher” at a church in Dallas, TX.  He preaches in his pulpit a sermon that supports Mr. Obama’s stance on gay “marriage”. Here is the video.

The first thing you would notice is that the cross is replaced with an ankh – an Egyptian religious symbol.   Nowhere in Scripture do you find an ankh.  The next thing you find in the message itself where this “preacher” tries to connect equality with sexual orientation, knowing that the congregation will not do their homework on American nor Biblical history.  For if they would initiate any type of investigative fortitude, they would quickly find out that this person is a heretic, a liar and a vessel of the destroyer the devil.  In short,  he is a bastard in the pulpit and needs to sit down and repent before God for the spiritual treason that he has committed.

II Timothy 2:15 calls us to “Study to show OURSELVES approved….”.  We are supposed to able to discern truth from error.  Yet millions of us go to “church” on Sunday morning at 11:00am and become all to willing participants of our own deception.   From Joel Osteen’s message of idolatry of self and a bloodless cross, to this preacher condoning the very abomination that God calls us to avoid citing that the Founders of this nation endorsed it, yet far removed from the well documented Biblical worldview that the Founders really held.

It is well past time that the Church in America repents of the heinous spiritual crimes we have committed in front of a righteous God.  Before those who read this and then quote Matthew 7:1 to me, I think I Peter 4:17 needs to be read first:

 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?”

Judgment like the Anointing, never flows from the bottom up.  Consider this when you stand in front of those whom you were called to shepherd.

Spring Cleaning is not Just for Houses