The End is Near…Are You Ready

While people are busy scurrying on the street or online looking for that perfect post “Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal” I ask myself, “How ready is the typical American (let alone the typical American Christian) for an economic collapse?  The answer is: Not at all.  We as a nation have not learned ANYTHING from the collapse in 2008.

In fact, we plunged ourselves deeper into debt. From a 7 year car loans that when you drive the car off the lot you are already “underwater” in your loan terms. To student loan debt collectively equating to north of 1 trillion dollars – with no job prospects in sight since the true unemployment rate is north of 20%. It seems to me that America as a whole has embraced the adage: “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, for tomorrow we die.”  Little that she knows that she has been bingeing in the 4th watch of the night – just before the new day dawns.  When this day finally does “dawn”, so will the revelation that the party’s over and that the “piper” will have his hand outstretched for “payment.” It will be Day One of economic slavery in America.  A day where some have laughed at people to scorn in mockery to those whose saw the signs and have prepared accordingly.  In other words, the “Zombie Apocalypse” has arrived.

Please keep in mind the term “Apocalypse” simply means revelation.  This will be a multi-faceted revelation.  An economic revelation.  A political revelation.  A moral revelation.  A spiritual revelation.   We as a nation can not be doing wrong things and not expect a backlash from our activities.  Case in point:

  • You can’t expect Social Security to continue when you kill 70 million future payers over a 40 year period.
  • You can’t expect a nation to be politically free when its own government sacrifice 3000 of their countrymen to restrict the movement of 300 million people.
  • You can’t expect a culture to survive when lines between right and wrong – from math and language to identification of what is male and female in a society are blurred.
  • You can’t expect the spirit of a nation to live when those who have been commissioned with the task of preserving it (the American Church) have largely neglected their duty through apathy or silence in the pulpit.

We are racing toward the end of an era.  An era that looks more like end of Rome than that of a God-fearing country. There is not much time left.  You need to get your “houses” in order:  Economic, political, moral, but above all your spiritual house needs to be in order.  Whether you believe in eternity or not, it is there – and it is waiting for you.  With each passing day you are one day closer to meeting with eternity and most importantly, the Creator of it.


Are YOU Ready?


The End is Near…Are You Ready

Does All Roads Really Lead Back to Rome?

While observing the political posturing on both sides of the aisle whether it’s Conservatives “debating” each other, or Liberals trying to consolidate and hold on to power that they have the one thing I have noticed is that those in the pulpit are eerily silent of our freedoms being slowly but steadily taken away from us.  From preachers being arrested, tried but (thankfully) acquitted of preaching the Gospel on a street corner.  To the United States Military having the authority to act like civilian police, searching and seizing what they choose (defying the 4th Amendment) and to arrest and detain U.S. citizens indefinitely and without a trial (defying the 6th Amendment) under Senate Bill S. 1867.

These are two of many examples I can cite that have the markings of “Pax  Romana” (Roman Peace)  Where the religious leaders of the day have by active intent or passive agreement kept the people “in line”, in exchange to continue to function unabated by the government.  To many the response would be “What’s the difference”?  ‘God’s will is going to be done anyway”.  My rebuttal would be Yes. But will it be done because of your choice or in spite of it?  Why? As an example, the person in charge of the judge who acquitted the two preachers is Barbara E. Hartle, a hand picked appointee of Annise Parker – an open lesbian who is the Mayor of Houston. What would be the chances of this even coming to trial in the first place if Christian voters would have not been actively deceived or passively not voting for Annise Parker?  It is a testament to how illiterate the Christian is toward history – both Biblical and American.

We are on the verge of signing over our rights as citizens because those that are “professional clergy” tell us not to worry, “God is in control”.  While that is ultimately true, the one thing that God can not control is your choice.  It is you who voted for the leader over you, not God.  Therefore it is you not God that will hold them accountable for their votes.  Mr Obama, was telling the truth when he said “I will fundamentally transform this country….”.   How right he was, and look how far he has come.

2012 will be a year where the decisions made will transform our nation and we as a people significantly and permanently.  If there is a time to get a vise grip type hold on what a Biblical worldview is and how that translates into American history and politics the time is now.

To those who still “wax nostalgic” and wish they could live in the 1st century with Jesus, my reply is “Rest assured, your “dream” is about to come true”.

Does All Roads Really Lead Back to Rome?