Haircuts are not Always Beautiful

When you come out of the barber shop or the beauty salon after a haircut and style you feel “better.” More confident. Ready to take on world.  In the financial world, a “haircut” is a very painful experience.  Why?  It is a severe reduction of your finances through the means of a bank failure.  Consider this:

In the traditional way banks are structured, the depositor is protected and the investor takes the risks.  So if the bank failed, the investor would be taking the “haircut”.  Since 2008, the laws have changed.  Under the Dodd-Frank law, the depositor is now classified as an “Unsecured Creditor”.  As a creditor they will be exposed to any loss the bank has.  If the bank would fail, the unsecured creditor would be the last one in line to be financially restored.  As the term implies, the creditor is unsecured because the deposit that they make into the bank, the bank classifies it as a credit.  Since the credit made is not collateralized or “secured” – hence the name.  Most people – Christians especially, are woefully unaware of this.  Their extent of their financial training can summed up in Malachi 3:10 or Luke 6:38.  This type of ignorance leave the Believer fighting an enemy in a land of “unwalled villages” – completely exposed to anything that the enemy throws at them.  While you can attempt to make the argument that “The Christian fights on their knees”, or that you “Fully rely on God,” how long will you stay there when the bank takes up to 60% of your account balance?  You can even make the argument that we are not going to be here since we will be “Caught up to meet the Lord in the air,” (See I Thessalonians 4:16-18) but what makes you think you got the timing right when Jesus Himself said “No man knows the day or the hour…..” (see Matthew 24:36)?  The point is that the preparing for the financial collapse that is coming to America is YOUR responsibility. If you have the seen the reaction of Americans in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina or the Northeast after Hurricane Sandy, then you know that our countrymen by and large are terribly unprepared for natural disasters.  Keep in mind that the hurricanes mentioned are regional in their scope of damage.  The financial disaster coming will be national.  All 50 states will feel the effects of this financial failure that is coming to our shores.  For this “storm” is global in its scope and no human who is tied to the system will escape it.

You have seen the long lines at the ATMs and the rioting that has occurred in Greece.  This is nothing more than a “coming attraction” to America.  However, there are some things you can do now that can lessen the blow when – not if comes to America:

1) Pray Up.  As they are no “atheists in a foxhole” so there will not be one in a financial collapse. Get to know God.  Seek Him while can be found.  Call to Him while He is near.  Get a Bible start reading it.  To those who already know Him, examine yourself in His Word.  Ask Him to remove the sin that so easily besets all of us.  In other words, repent to Him and re-establish a right relationship with Him.

2) Stock Up.  In a disaster scenario, resources are the order of the day.  When disaster strikes, people will belong to one of two camps:  Those who have resources and those who don’t.  The ones who have them will not be necessarily “rich”, but like the Sons of Issachar were able to discern the signs of the times and prepare accordingly.  The ones who don’t will laugh, jeer and scorn at the ones stockpiling; No different those who laughed at Noah while he was building the ark – until the rain came.  Some of the things you may want to stock up may include:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Toothpaste
  • Batteries
  • Cash
  • Precious Metals

Your list may vary from you neighbor’s, but the point is to MAKE ONE.

3) Arm Up.  Regardless of which side of the gun control debate you fall on, you can’t rely on prayer alone to keep yourself, your family or your possessions safe.  When force is presented, such as a home invasion,  your ability to complete a 21 day fast is not going to help.  Force only recognizes force.  The ability to possess and use a firearm properly is the best way to deter or defuse an invading force coming into your personal space.

It is not my job to convince you that this event is coming.  Nor is it my job on telling you how to prepare.  That is a conversation for you and God to have.  My job as a watchman is warn you of the impending danger and you choose the best course of action to respond.  If you choose to let your financial “hair” grow, then you will make appropriate choices.  If you decide to nothing, the don’t complain about the financial “crew cut” that you will receive.



Haircuts are not Always Beautiful