Tyranny: God’s Will or Your Choice?

Last week we rung in the new year.  Some of us were partying the last vestiges of 2011 with some type of hope that the new year will be better than the last one.  Some of us  – as was I,  were wondering what is the Church in America  going to do as the very freedom that we as Americans enjoy and that most of the world envied are now being stripped away from our possession right in front of us with no attempt of concealing this nefarious plot, and we in response are so silent that not even so a much as whimper was being uttered.

As the dawning of 2012 is here, an ominous specter is no longer on the approach toward our shores.  It has gone past the point of establishing a beach head. It has now been woven and solidified into our laws;  and with Blitzkrieg type speed will influence and dominate our culture.  That specter I am speaking of is tyranny.  It is a governmental order that has taken the most civilized of cultures and has caused them to sink into the most base, vile, depraved, abysmal, and wretched displays of humanity that has ever been recorded in the annals of human history.  Why?  The answer is quite simple.  Tyranny is mankind’s attempt to replace God.  It is those at the top of this order who have an insatiable hunger and thirst to be the object of human worship.  To have mankind – by force or deception,  bow down to them in thought, word and deed, and to carry out their twisted agenda to it heinous conclusion.

Tyranny, like liberty has one thing stopping it:  Your choice.  Sounds farfetched?  Don’t believe me?  Consider the children of Israel when Samuel’s sons were making perverted judgements (see I Samuel 8:3).  What was the people’s response?  “Behold, thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king to judge us like all the nations”.  This was not God’s will.  This was the people’s choice.  God solidified that this was the people’s choice by saying, “And the LORD said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them“. (I Samuel 8:7 emphasis added)

On November 6, 2012, barring martial law being implemented, we will have another – and could be our last, opportunity to elect a President, Vice-President, Congressional leaders, et, al.  so that we can retain our freedoms that God has given us. We will have another chance to preach the Gospel freely without any fear of being carted off to jail or executed on the spot for being an enemy of the State.  In short on November 7, 2012, the government we as American citizens will live under will be because of God’s will or….

Tyranny: God’s Will or Your Choice?

Does All Roads Really Lead Back to Rome?

While observing the political posturing on both sides of the aisle whether it’s Conservatives “debating” each other, or Liberals trying to consolidate and hold on to power that they have the one thing I have noticed is that those in the pulpit are eerily silent of our freedoms being slowly but steadily taken away from us.  From preachers being arrested, tried but (thankfully) acquitted of preaching the Gospel on a street corner.  To the United States Military having the authority to act like civilian police, searching and seizing what they choose (defying the 4th Amendment) and to arrest and detain U.S. citizens indefinitely and without a trial (defying the 6th Amendment) under Senate Bill S. 1867.

These are two of many examples I can cite that have the markings of “Pax  Romana” (Roman Peace)  Where the religious leaders of the day have by active intent or passive agreement kept the people “in line”, in exchange to continue to function unabated by the government.  To many the response would be “What’s the difference”?  ‘God’s will is going to be done anyway”.  My rebuttal would be Yes. But will it be done because of your choice or in spite of it?  Why? As an example, the person in charge of the judge who acquitted the two preachers is Barbara E. Hartle, a hand picked appointee of Annise Parker – an open lesbian who is the Mayor of Houston. What would be the chances of this even coming to trial in the first place if Christian voters would have not been actively deceived or passively not voting for Annise Parker?  It is a testament to how illiterate the Christian is toward history – both Biblical and American.

We are on the verge of signing over our rights as citizens because those that are “professional clergy” tell us not to worry, “God is in control”.  While that is ultimately true, the one thing that God can not control is your choice.  It is you who voted for the leader over you, not God.  Therefore it is you not God that will hold them accountable for their votes.  Mr Obama, was telling the truth when he said “I will fundamentally transform this country….”.   How right he was, and look how far he has come.

2012 will be a year where the decisions made will transform our nation and we as a people significantly and permanently.  If there is a time to get a vise grip type hold on what a Biblical worldview is and how that translates into American history and politics the time is now.

To those who still “wax nostalgic” and wish they could live in the 1st century with Jesus, my reply is “Rest assured, your “dream” is about to come true”.

Does All Roads Really Lead Back to Rome?

Worldviews: Coming to an Election Near You

In this season of time known as election season,  we as Americans in general and Christians in particular,  have the God-inspired, Constitutionally ordained choice of who will rule over us.  The political “machines” have taken this sacred choice and perverted it into a cult of personality – which candidate has the most appeal to the voter.  We in turn, have joined into the fray by subscribing to the idea that if you are Conservative or Liberal, Republican or Democrat (or any other affiliation for that matter), that you were in the “right”  party and all others are in the wrong party and that it is your “duty” – from the machine’s point of view, to convert or eliminate those on the other side because they are your “enemy”.

People think politics is a complicated matter.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Politics is not a contest of party affiliation as it is a contest of worldviews.  In other words, on Election Day which worldview will we as a nation follow until the next election cycle?  I go into more detail about this in my blog “Elections Have Consequences”.   When you eliminate the “fluff” you are really left with two choices – A Biblical worldview or a Non-Biblical worldview.  Most Christians can not articulate what a Biblical worldview is.  Therefore you can’t confidently vote for something or someone that reflects your values.  What is worse is that you can’t convince a person that holds a Non-Biblical worldview through a discussion, that their worldview has flaws and that a Biblical worldview has the answers that they are looking for.  Consider this:

  • How would you classify abortion?  Murder of innocent blood or a woman’s right to choose?
  • How would you define marriage – as God sees between a man and a woman or something else that Scripture doesn’t support?
  • How would you classify the rights and freedoms you enjoy as an American – God given or government given?
  • How do you view political office – as a responsibility to be stewarded or a stepping stone to get what you want?

These are just a few questions you would need to ask yourself before you engage a person with a different worldview, much less a candidate running for public office. I think we do God as well as ourselves a disservice if these questions are not addressed in our hearts and in the pulpit.   Like tithing, we must be continually  reminded that it is our decisions that bring forth God’s blessing or His curse.  It is our decision to elect a candidate that has a Biblical worldview.  It is our decision to pray one in if you don’t see one.

I have encountered people who have tried to use Daniel 2:21 as a political “Get out of jail free” card; meaning it is Biblically permissible to get out of the political process.  However, we haven’t had a king ruling this country in over 200 years.  Remember, with the exception of the Judges, every political authority in Scripture was a dictatorship.  From Pharaoh to Agrippa and every one in between – including David and Solomon.

However, every country in world history did have supreme ruling body on the Earth.  In the time of Jesus it was known as Caesar.  This would make many Christians feel justified in their minds that there is nothing we can do because they will quote “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar, and render unto God that which is God’s (see Matthew 22:21).  While this is true, in America we must recognize what is classified as Caesar.  Most Christians – including a lot of preachers get this incorrect.  “Caesar” in America is not the President, Governor, or any person in public office that has authority. It’s not the body itself; such as the U.S., State, or local government.  Caesar in America is the U.S. Constitution.  It is the supreme law of the land.  It is the document that all State officials, the entire Congress, The Supreme Court, and all service members in our our Armed Forces, including the President and Vice-President swear and a oath of allegiance to uphold, protect, and defend.

So in the day that we live in you can read Scripture this way:  Render unto the Constitution that which belongs to the Constitution.  Render unto God that which belongs to God.  When you read Scripture in this context, knowing that the Constitution was framed around the Declaration of Independence – where over half the signers held seminary degrees, you can make the case that our Founders have a Biblical worldview and that it is our obligation to ensure that the Constitution remains the standard – not a “living document” that needs to be changed.   On November 6, 2012 we will choose a worldview.  The question of what is more important to us as Christians and Americans will be answered on November 7th: God’s blessing or His curse.

Choose Wisely, America.

Worldviews: Coming to an Election Near You

Occupy til “I” Come

Over the last few weeks we have seen these “occupy”movements all over the country.  We have been told that these “protesters” are exercising their first amendment right to peaceably assemble and redress grievances that they have with their government.  Yet there hasn’t been a protest reported that did not have incidents of violence or debauchery tied to it.  Regardless of what section of the country you examine – East Coast or West Coast, Plain States or Rocky Mountains, they all have one thing in common:  An absence of God in them.   Not one event that has been covered mentions God, the Founders or what they believe.  Not one event that has been covered, initiated or concluded with prayer for our country or countrymen.  Not one event that has been covered displayed citizens responsible for the mess they created.  At the core of every protest was the idolization of self: From public sex and drug use, to urinating and defecating on public property these “protesters” are acting out the most base behavior of humanity possible.

My question would be “Where is the Church”?!  As the old saying goes, “The squeakiest wheel gets the grease”.  Yet I hear no “squeak” coming from the pulpit.  Where is your outrage, Pastor?  Why have you allowed this type of behavior to go largely unanswered?  Is it because your tax exemption is more important that your moral duty?  Is it because you lack the courage to speak out on not only what is obviously sin, but can’t find the intestinal fortitude to say that “Right behavior brings forth right results”?  When have you encouraged your congregation that the saving the soul of this nation is just as important as saving the soul of a person?  Do you know that to do both averts judgement on both?

This nation was birthed out of religious persecution.  It is a very sad commentary that to bring back God in a place that He should have never left,  we as a  people are going to have to suffer religious persecution again.  Not the Laodicean type of “persecution” of not getting the closest parking stall to the church doors.  Not the agony of someone sitting in “your” seat.   I’m referring to the police braking down your door at 3 A.M. pulling you out of bed and arresting you for being a Christian.  If we as a nation ever get to that point and you pull out a gun to defend your family, justifiable homicide will be the cause of your death and your family will still be arrested.  Ready for that one Pastor?

I am calling forth a new “occupation”.    An occupation of righteous men and women who will stand behind the sacred desk and extoll the virtues and mandates that God Almighty has in His Word and for His people.  A people who will stand up be counted and take captive the darkness in this nation by bringing forth the light of His righteous to every facet of life  –  including political life.  An occupation that has at its core the serving of others as God intended, not the serving of self.  An occupation which understands a lack of freedom in Him is a sure road to bondage.   An occupation of the preservation of our Christian core beliefs is a sure road to freedom.

THIS is the occupation that Jesus is looking for.  A new direction birthed out of II Chronicles 7:14 and fulfilled out of Proverbs 29:2.  When we as a nation begin to do this, then we will begin to see Him.

Ready to occupy?

Occupy til “I” Come

Why Are All the Cries Silent?

On New Year’s Day I wrote “2011:  The Mark of  a Decade, The Mark of the Church, or The Mark of the Beast“.  I wrote it as a “seed” for the American Church to think about.  The last paragraph states:

As we the Church in America enter into 2011 we must make no mistake.  A mark will be made this year.  The question is what kind of mark will you as a believer will leave behind.  Will you be known as a person that was despised because you refused to do your job?  A person that conspired to abandon your job of maintaining Constitutional vigilance and leaving it up to someone else to do for you?  Or will you be known as a person who stood up for righteousness in the public square and the political arena; To be an inspiration to our countrymen that Biblical Truth is worth living for and that God ordained liberty is worth fighting for“.

It takes approximately nine months to create a child   Let’s take a spiritual and political “ultrasound” and see the ‘child” the Church has created.  We have 17% unemployment (regardless of what the government says).  We have seen and allowed Socialist-style capitalism to take place (see Solyndra).  Yet the pulpits of America are eerily silent when it comes to calling out this type of sin.   Sure,  we point out the obvious ones such as same same -sex marriage.  Why?  Because pointing those sins out is considered “safe”.  Why are they considered safe?  The world has come to expect the Church to call out those sins.  Yet instead of  feeling the conviction of God’s Word that’s being preached, we are largely ignored.  Why?  Because we are regarded as no real existential threat to the American Culture because truth be told, we don’t believe in the Truth of the Word of God.  Why Not?  Because so long as our Pastors keep dangling the “prosperity carrot”  in front of us, we are more than willing to let the world pass us by since we have become so fixated on our “breakthrough”.

We have at least heard of the trial and conviction of Pastor Yusef Nadarkhani of Iran.  Yet what kind of “solidarity” have we seen coming out of the Church?  What viral videos on YouTube have been posted?  Where are the “fire and brimstone” sermons that tells the congregation that God is the one who gave us our rights and it is those rights we are called to steward?  That if this can happen in a place where Sharia Law is accepted as the “Law of the land”,  then it has the potential of becoming the law of the land here because we allowed it.  Can’t happen in America you say?  Think again and read this article:  “Sharia Law in America – Is it Possible?: YES!”  Ask yourself this question:  Why is there no outrage in the pulpit over the Solyndra debacle?  That a corporation in a niche industry can ask and receive loan guarantees totaling hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money – God’s money, right Pastor? Yet very little to no accountability is being called forth.  These are two of many examples that the Church in America instead of proclaiming and implementing the solution of God’s Word, we have become an integral part of the problem.

What is the solution you may ask?  I would classify it as the three “Rs”:  Repentance, Removal, and Restoration.

Repentance – This is a job that Church in America MUST initiate from the top down.  That those in spiritual leadership would repent to God AND the congregation for not leading us in the way we should go.  Once that is initiated we invite the entire country to join us in this spiritual, but critical exercise.

Removal – We mount with up the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit along with the intestinal fortitude necessary to hold those that in public office accountable and to remove those who have  chosen not to be.

Restoration – This is something that can happen only at God’s direction.  As the Church we must keep our ear toward Heaven and our eyes on the Earth, so to ensure that what we hear from Him is translated in to what we see because of our obedience to His Word.

When the three “R”s” are properly implemented, we will hear the cry of the child that is the new birth – revival.  If not,  this child will come out the womb stillborn and we the Church will be held responsible  by God.

Why Are All the Cries Silent?

History is Repeated Because it’s not Retaught.

History teaches us two things:  What we did right and what we did wrong.  In our own history we learned that to enslave another human being based on skin color was wrong.  We also learned that barring those same individuals from equal access was just as wrong also.

However, we would stand to benefit from the history of others.  A case in point is Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  He was a Pastor in Germany before Hitler and Nazi (National Socialists) party took over Germany.  He warned the Church of Germany about Hitler and the Nazis, but no one listened.  He warned that the Nazi would arrest people and raid their homes and businesses.   No one listened.

On August 25, 2011 Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corporation  had his business raided for a 2nd time (the first time being in 2009) and the wood used to make Gibson guitars were seized.  However, in both cases no charges were filed against Gibson and the wood was never returned.  Below is a news conference Mr. Juszkiewicz on August 26, 2011.

As the CEO stated, the seizure occurred due to the enforcement of Indian – not American law.  This action by the Federal Government should send chills down the backs of the Church in America.  That your property – personal and ministerial, can be seized without warning which is a complete and direct violation of the 4th Amendment.  No probable cause.  No due process.  If you “upset” someone in the government, your freedom as you know it can end, and you can serve time in a jail cell for a crime – perceived or imaginary that the government said you have committed.

This is the precise path Hitler took with the Jews.  He and the Nazis raided their businesses with no probable cause – other than they were Jews.  What was the Church’s response?  They sangs songs.  They had fellowship.  However, they dared not open up their mouths and voiced their dissent against the government, for they feared that they would suffer the same fate as the Jews.  In short, the Gospel that they lived and preached was different from the Gospel that is found in Scripture.  As horrific as the genocide of the Jews were, what’s more terrifying is know that the Christians could have reduced or eliminated the event altogether – if they knew their Bible.

This same diabolical plot has come to our shores and had planted itself in our government. Scripture says, “…a corrupt tree can not bring forth good fruit” (see Matthew 7:18). We have witness over the last 50 or so years, the corruption of the tree we call government and now the evil fruit of it is coming to bare.  All the while, the pruners of the tree – the Church in America have been eating, drinking and making merry with themselves, while the garden of our freedoms have been overrun with every type of weed, thorn and thistle imaginable.

As it was in the days of the Holocaust, soon it will be the same in America.  We the Christians in this nation will have in short order, our own version of  “Kristallnacht” (Night of the Broken Glass).  It may not be your stained glass of your church that is broken, it will be your freedom.

As it is with glass, your freedom once shattered, can never be repaired.

History is Repeated Because it’s not Retaught.

Order – It’s Not Just for Burgers Anymore.

Everyone likes order.  Order is the accurate arrangement of things.  From the housewife having that sense of accomplishment after cleaning the house.  To the salesman to who was able to close the deal because he had “all his ducks in a row”.  To the computer programmer after toiling over thousands of lines of code seeing their program run correctly for the first time.  We all enjoy the benefits of what proper order brings.

Why?  Since God is a God of order and we as human beings are created in His image,  so we too are inclined to gravitate toward that trait also.  The interesting thing about God is that not only can you find order in everything He is.  You can find order in everything He does also.  One the aspects of God’s order is repentance.  As I have stated many times here, if order flows from the top down, then repentance doesn’t flow from the bottom up. A case in point is “The Response”.  A stadium gathering that was supposed to have a theme of repentance in Houston, TX.  Let’s be clear about one thing, the attempt of repentance is not the issue.  I am very glad to see something such as this to take place in America.  However, it is the order that took place that I take exception to.

Rick Perry – The Governor of Texas was the  keynote speaker.  In his speech, he made a reference to Joel 2:17:

“Let the priests, the ministers of the LORD, weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, Spare thy people, O LORD, and give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them: wherefore should they say among the people, Where is their God”?

As nice as he is; as great of a politician that he is; the one thing he is not is a priest.   So how can a non-priest invoke a priest to do their job?   Its no different than a Pastor running for public office.  Your calling and your election can’t be sure if you are confused about your identity.  A Scriptural example of this is David.  When he got the Ark of the Covenant back from the Philistines, he put it on a cart to bring it back to Jerusalem.  When the ark was about to fall off the cart, Uzzah steadied it with his hand and God struck him dead (see II Samuel 6:7).  Why?  Uzzah had good intentions.  Uzzah didn’t let the Ark fall.  However, Uzzah was not a priest – the right man for that job.  This is why order is critically important to God.  It is in His order that blessings and protection flows.  When His order is interrupted or stopped, so do the blessings and protection.  So it should be no surprise to the Church of America why there seems to be no protection and the blessings have stopped.  They have stopped because WE, not the world is out of order.

In contrast  when David took the Ark to the house of of Obed-edom, Obed-edom’s house was blessed.  This would leave people wondering, “Why would God kill one man for touching it, yet bless another man for possessing it”?  The answer is that Obed-edom was not just a priest.  He cam from a line of priests whose sole responsibility is to carry the Ark (see I Chronicles 26:4 and Numbers 4;15).  So in essence the Ark  – the presence of God, was in the right place, at the right time, with the right man.  Because of this, Obed-edom’s house was blessed (see II Samuel 6:11).

If this was a gathering of priests first, to weep between the porch and the altar, I believe that God would not only stay His hand of protection over this nation, but the state of Texas would have gotten a double dose of rain –  They would have been  rained on and they would have been reigned in.

Order – It’s Not Just for Burgers Anymore.

Batteries Not Included.

As I stated in my last post, the foundation of any society – large or small is found in the family unit.  The ideal conditions for that unit would be between a man and a woman in the parameters of marriage.  This model would create the most stable and least confusing environment should any offspring be produced.  Why is this so important?  Society as an entity creates laws that establishes order.  Those laws come out of a belief system.  The belief system comes out of a worldview.  This is why it is critical that the Church of America is able to express the Biblical worldview not only in the public square, but to be involved in the debate over public policy as well.

How sad, yet  frustrating it is to see the judgment of God over my country.  Why?  Sad, in so much that it could have been avoided had correct teaching from the pulpit would have went forth in the context of that since God was the one who have given us our rights, then it would stand to reason that God would call for us to steward them.  After all, God was the one who gave us our money and we are called to steward that,  right “Pastor”?

It is frustrating to see that the biggest enemy of the Church in America is not in the second Heaven – meaning the devil;  but can be found in pulpits across America on Sundays and Wednesdays  11:00am and 7:00pm respectively.  For it has been my experience that these “men of God” are not seeking  after the liberation of the Church, but rather the control of it for their own nefarious purposes.  How do you know if you qualify?  If my last statement just gave you a “twinge of anger”,  check the mirror you’re the one.

To everything there is a spiritual and a natural side.  What is the biggest “natural” assault to the Church of  America?  The Gay Agenda.  Why?  The Gay Agenda undermines everything that Scripture stands for.  For example:

1) It propagates its own by recruitment, and not by reproducing. (Scripture reference Genesis 1:28)

2) It forces their opinion on to the general public not by discussion, but by legislation and court order. (Scripture reference Isaiah 1:18)

3)  It tries to establish that human beings are at the “top of the food chain” and that there is no one else to answer to.  (Scripture reference Psalms 14:1)

The reason why the Gay Agenda as well as misled pastors are a dangerous combination is because they represent a “1-2 punch” that the devil uses to prevent God’s Spirit to shine forth through people.  Not to say that the Holy Spirit is limited in any way.  But now the number of vessels that can be used by Him are reduced.

Another way this could happen is through Chrislam – The fusion of Christianity and Islam.  This act is in direct violation of Scripture.  Regardless of how much these deceived pastors want to display the “Love of Christ”, you can not have fellowship with light and darkness (Scripture reference II Corinthians 6:14)  This does not mean you don’t tell them the Truth – Jesus.  However, you do not allow what they believe to be equally valid with Scripture.

We as the Church in America, have been deceived.  Not so much by the devil – although he has a role to play in this.  We have in large part, deceived ourselves.  To think that Biblical Christianity is “on par” with any other belief system is not only misleading, but in the day in which we live can bring forth (spiritual) death with a quickness.

The other deception we face is on Sunday morning at 11:00am where the gospel of self is being perpetrated as the Gospel of Christ.  Where people line up in multimillion dollars facilities that are only used two times per week (another post for another time) so that we can have “Our Best Life Now”.    This “gospel” lacks the one essential element that will make it appealing to others – power.

This false gospel reminds me of a flashlight.  It will give off illumination except for one problem:  “Batteries” are not included.

Batteries Not Included.

I Now Pronounce You ?

As a nation like any other, we have our traditions, our cultures, and our values.  Over time, some of those things can and do change.  As an example we used to involuntarily enslave human beings based on their skin color.  That tradition ended here over 135 years ago.  However, there are some traditions that are universal – you can find them in every country, people group, and tribe.  One of such traditions is marriage.  It has been traditionally held as a ceremony between a man and a woman.  This “experiment” has worked for thousands of years and has produced children and created families  – the foundational stone of any society small or great.

There is a continual assault on this tradition by a small, yet very influential group – the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) community,  Since the scope of this blog is directed to those who believe Jesus Christ is Lord, their assault is primarily targeted at us.  Why?  They know if we were able to get our message of the Gospel out to society at large and change the way they think, they know that what they are doing would be immediately exposed for the fraud that it is and their agenda would be stopped in its tracks.

So how do they do it?  How do they push their agenda on to our society?  They do it using a three prong approach:  Socially, Educationally, and Politically.

Socially:  To package the LGBT lifestyle as “harmless” – even though after 30 years of research,  the evidence shows that the group of people who would be least likely to contract AIDS are heterosexual married couples that never had sex outside of marriage.

Educationally:  Where they have taken over positions of authority at all levels – primary, secondary, college as well as theological.  Why?  They know if they can’t get you to change your mind, they can certainly mold your child’s.  Think about that when you send your child to a government sponsored school.

Politically:  This is where they will try to come after you and I the hardest.  Since most people who subscribe to the Bible as the Word of God are socially and politically conservative, they will get to comply and accept their lifestyle by force – using the full weight of the government at all levels as a “billy club”.  Thus if we do not submit to their agenda willingly, the government will “beat” us in to it.

While the “war” is not over, New York  was the next state that caved into political pressure and made same-sex marriage legal.  Most Pastors would shrug their shoulders and say, “So What”?  Never thinking that if some LGBT couple came to their office wanting to be married, they would have no choice but to marry them.  Why?  They as well as the church they pastor would be embroiled in a discrimination lawsuit. This would be plastered all over the media and the Pastor’s character and church’s image would be be assassinated in the court of public opinion (keep in mind what I said about their social assault tactic).  Remember God issues the call, but the State issues the license.  What are you willing to give up?

The end game is to mold our nation into something that God nor the Founders ever intended.  If that were to ever happen, God would have no choice but to pour out His wrath at full-strength and destroy this nation.  To think that God is a God of love and would “never” do that is theologically unsound, naive, and dangerous.  Don’t believe me?  Read I Thessalonians 5:3 for yourself.  The one thing that the Church in America can learn from the children of darkness is their relentless pursuit of  what they want.  If there is a time to stand up and be counted, THIS IS IT!!!   We must declare righteousness in the land and ACT on that declaration to secure it.

This will not happen osmosis.  This will not happen by “God’s Will” alone.  YOU must partner with God as well as those of like minded faith and push back the tide of this evil.  If you don’t, when it happens in your town, you will be forced to say, “I now pronounce  you ?

I Now Pronounce You ?

The Floodgates Are Opening…And We’re at the Switch

Yesterday was one of the saddest, yet scariest days in our nation’s history.  Barack Obama has called for Israel to return to her 1967 borders.  It was one of the most heinous acts a Head of State could do to another one – Calling to give up land that they have fought and died for.  Regardless of reason, Obama had no right to call for such an act.   The fact that Obama is peering into “Israel’s “backyard” should cause great concern for Christians.  Why?  Genesis 12:3 comes to mind.  This where God has said to Abram (Abraham),  “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you, and through you all the families of the Earth will be blessed”.

The fact that Obama is calling for this is in direct violation of Scripture.  He is bringing the last piece of the “puzzle of judgement” onto our country.  Who brought the first?  We did.  We neglected our duty to steward our rights and freedoms because we have been taught erroneously that since we are “not of this world” what goes on here, doesn’t matter.  To the contrary, not only does it matter, Obama will not be held accountable – we will.    Why won’t Obama be held accountable?  He didn’t elect himself.  We did.  If you stood silently and not called out evil as it was presented, you are just as guilty as those who were deceived and voted for him.  Most pastors in America would fall into the former category.  They have the means, the opportunity  and the duty to communicate the message to examine a candidate’s worldview in light of Scripture.  Sadly, most failed at that job.  They make safe statements such as “Vote the Bible”.  Letting themselves off the hook since they would not have to study to show themselves approved.  They can say to themselves, “I didn’t vote for him.  I’m OK”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

What we have experienced in the last 2 1/2 years is the judgement of God.  Why?  In I Samuel 8 the priests, not the politicians were corrupt and the men of the city – those who had the ability to choose, said to Samuel, “Give us a king, so we can be like the other nations”.  It is in verse 7 that God says, “And the LORD said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.” I go into this a little further in my post “God or King:  Which Do You Prefer?

We have brought judgment upon ourselves.  No matter how many times you recite 2 Chronicles 7:14 as a Christian or pull Psalms 109:8  out of context as a Conservative,  repentance has been  – and will be the order of the day.  Repentance is like order – Neither of them flow from the bottom up.  If Abraham Lincoln called for national repentance to heal our land due to the Civil War, then it is no different today.  Government officials at the State and National levels need to step up and repent and call on God to restore our land.  But how can they call on a God that most of them don’t even know.  Is it because that the people who sent them there don’t know God for themselves, so they elect representatives that think and act like they do?  As it states in Romans 10:14, “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?”

The Church in America must understand that 2 Chronicles 7:14 as well as Proverbs 29:2 go hand in hand.  When you do one without the other, that is when we have become out of balance.  It is prayer and works together that will not only bring healing to our land, it will bring restoration to our souls.

The Floodgates Are Opening…And We’re at the Switch