Why Our Cart Won’t Move

While America “celebrated” Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, which he would have been 84 years old had he lived, the terrestrial and social media lit up the airwaves and blogosphere by paying tribute to his legacy, espousing how great of a man he was.

While the media coverage focused on the marches he led, and speeches he gave, that were instrumental in the championing of civil rights for all people which were already guaranteed in our Constitution;  The one thing that was conspicuously absent was the fact he was a preacher of the Gospel.  It is a fact no one can deny, yet it is one of the few facts of his life that never got the credit that was due.

As a preacher, he had unfettered access to the Black community.  Margaret Sanger, the founder of what we call today Planned Parenthood, knew this about Black preachers all too well.  Her goal was a very simple one: Eliminate all inferior races, starting with the Black Race.  When you look at the statistics, Black people make up 12% if the U.S. population, yet receive 32% of all abortions.

Why?   The answer can be found in one word:  Pastors.  What do I mean?  As diabolical as Sanger’s idea are, she knew that they would never come to fruition unless the Pastors were on board.  This is where the real atrocity happened.  The Pastors in the Black community willingly compromised the teaching of Scripture, for a place at the political table thereby leaving their first love:  The congregation that they have been called by God to steward.

Fast forward to today and you will see a proliferation of unsound Biblical  doctrine, that is being held up as authentic Holy Writ.   From the ultra subtlety of T.D. Jakes who will tell you that “Jesus is the product” to Joel Osteen that promises “Your Best Life Now”, to the outlandish claims of Peter Popoff and that his “Miracle Water” can facilitate Divine Healing.

These so-called “preachers” have systematically dumb down Christians into believing that the Kingdom of God more represents a Multi-Level Marketing pyramid, rather than an internal transformation of the human heart. That when the Word of God is properly taught and applied to the hearer, it will produce the long-lasting results we have been looking for socially, economically, and yes, politically.

So why won’t our cart move?  It’s not because we don’t have the right pieces.  It’s because the pieces are in the wrong order.  As a people we have been horrendously deceived that our politics shape our faith, rather than our faith shaping our politics. It is our faith that establishes what we consider right or wrong, for out of our faith comes our worldview.  Upon examination you can only conclude that human beings have one of two worldviews that they can subscribe to:  A Biblical worldview or a Non-Biblical one.

Please keep in mind that this post is not an opine to transform America into a theocracy.  Far from it.  It is possible to subscribe to a principle without believing in the Giver of the principle.  While it is possible, I would implore the reader of this post to consider the Giver of Biblical Principle – namely Jesus Christ and to accept and believe what He has done for you:  Died for your sins so that you can stand before a Holy God justified in being right before Him.

To get the cart moving again it will take 2 things:  First, a sincere repentance to God coming from His spiritual leadership, followed by the repentance of their respective congregations.  Secondly, a sound Biblical choice of political leadership at all levels of government that will lead our nation out of the social, moral, and spiritual cesspool we find ourselves in.  When these two components are assembled in the right order, the cart of our nation will move in the direction that we need to go.

Why Our Cart Won’t Move

Pharoahs Are Not Just Egyptian

As you know – amid allegations of voter fraud, Barack Obama holds the office of President of the United States for a 2nd term.  While people rejoiced in electing a person of color for the second time, it is apparent we in America did not learn the lesson the first time around .  In essence, we will have to face our own “Mt. Sinai” and go around this mountain one more time.  What did we not learn?  Several things:

The first is that character is more important than color.  We as a nation thought that the breaking of the “skin barrier” in the White House will usher in racial equality, when racism at its core is a heart issue.  The second is that no economy has ever survived on service sector jobs making up the bulk of the nation’s workload. Why? The service sector by its design is a supportive role, not a leading one.  Services don’t make widgets, they only enhance them.  To make a widget takes manufacturing.  The bulk of manufacturing is done outside of this country for one reason:  Labor costs.

Third is worldview.  By worldview I mean who will we choose to rule over us?  For those we choose, it will be out of their worldview that the laws that we will be subjected to are made.  So if you choose a candidate that is Anti-God, Ant-Bible,  and Anti-Israel, don’t expect that person or body of people to be favorable to those areas.  Remember God did not choose them: YOU DID!  Fourth is the harvest.  What do I mean?  It is in these three areas:  Lack of character judgment, lack of economic stewardship and a lack of political vigilance that we in the Church in America are facing to reap a “Perfect Storm” of a harvest:  in the name of “Pharoah” Barack Obama.  Why would I call Obama “Pharoah”?  Let’s look in I Samuel 8:11 to see what happened when Israel rejected God as a leader.

  ” And he said, This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; and some shall run before his chariots.”

FEMA has just graduated their first class of Rapid Response unit personnel.  These consists of men and women ususally between the ages of 20-30 that have to do a 2-year term being available for any distress in the nation – at the discretion of the Office of the President.  In exchange, they receive 2 years of college paid for by the taxpayer.  Remember, these are your children I am talking about.  Read the I Samuel 8-12-17 to see what else did Saul as king do to the children of Israel.  Pay very close attention to verse 18:

” And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen you; and the Lord will not hear you in that day.”

What shall we do in this day you may ask?  REPENT!!  Repent that we did not listen!  Repent that we did not learn!   Repent that we gave ourselves over to false teachers becuase we had “itching ears”!  For if the Lord does not hear our cry and we will have to go through this process of chastening and persecution, let our lesson be learned hastily and that obedience to His Voice and His Word is more important than “scoring” political or social points with humanity.  Judgment is not coming, it is here.  On January 1, 2013, judgment will begin its “exercise routine” in the form of our taxes going through the roof – and that’s only the beginning.

Unless Divine Intervention happens, strap yourselves in folks, we just passed the crest of the hill and the steering and suspension just went out.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Pharoahs Are Not Just Egyptian

Sometimes They Come Back

While we have either have watched or have known about the Presidential Debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, it is very apparent to me that God is putting up another signpost that says “America: Bridge Out”  I wrote about the first one in August of 2009 and the second one in November 2009 concerning “Obamacare”  – a term Mr. Obama (once again I can not call him President since he has not passed the vetting process set forth in Article II of our Constitution) has stated he has become fond of. You can read about the other “signposts” here and here.

We again I believe are seeing the third – and perhaps our final signpost of our nation.  However, what exactly is a signpost?  It is a place where a sign is erected so that when it is read, it gives you information to make a better decision on where you need to go. If you have listened to the debate – putting aside your political bias, you can tell that there is a stark contrast between Obama and Romney.  If you have not you can listen to the debate below.

October 7, 2012 Pastors from around the country will participating in “Pulpit Freedom Day”.  A day set aside that Pastors will preach on politics from their respective pulpits defying the unconstitutional “Johnson Amendment” set forth in the IRS tax code that prohibits Pastors from publicly endorsing a political candidate.  While the IRS has no legal standing to enforcing this code , has never won a case concerning this statute, it has been their stance of a “Paper Tiger” that Pastors are most fearful.  Then again, this time they have a reason to be fearful.  With the installment of Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan (which I wrote about here), as Justices on the Supreme Court bench, Pastors for the first time may go to jail for their faith – or so it would seem.  The reality of the situation is the due to lack of spiritual courage as well as their political fear, Pastors will now have to face the “giant” that could have been easily defeated when the giant was a little boy.

Those who read this blog consistently realize that the spiritual reality is bigger and more powerful than the political or natural realities. Elijah the Prophet said I Kings 18:21:

“And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word”.

Notice the people’s response – “And the people answered him not a word”.  On November 6, 2012, the Christian in America will have two opinions placed before them.  Will the obey the Word of the Lord and choose to preserve the rights and freedoms that we have,  or will we go the way of Baal and continue to sacrificing our rights, our freedoms, our children and the ability to steward them all on his altar?

Sometimes God’s Words does come back.

Sometimes They Come Back

A Window to the World

While “people watching” you will discover what people value.  Those who have read this blog have understood that humanity can only have one of two views:  A Biblical worldview or a Non-Biblical worldview.  What is a amazing is that people can have huge amount of character and not have a Biblical worldview;  Conversely, those who claim that have a Biblical worldview can be found to be subsequently low on character. Why?  The one place you would figure that character would flourish it is conspicuously absent – church.  A place where morality and Biblical values that would be construed as the foundation stones of an institution are now classified as MIA – Missing in Action.

Psalms 11:3 says, “If the foundations are destroyed, what will the righteous do?  Righteousness simply means right standing with God.  So if the foundations of morality and a Biblical worldview are no longer applicable in today’s society, what will those who stand “upright” before God do?  They will not be viewed as someone to be aspired, but someone to scorn.  If the disdain becomes harsh enough, elimination may be considered an option.

How can this be reversed?  Before we examine the “cure” let us first look how we contracted the “disease”.  Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.  This statement is not only true in the political realm, it is especially true in the spiritual as well.  Unfortunately, it is those in “Spiritual Authority” in general who are continually keeping  the people ignorant in the pew. Be it accidentally or by design, these modern day Pharisees are more inclined to appeal to the praises of men rather than to look for the smile of God.

When have you decided that you have had enough of the their “kingdom”,  you will become as valuable to them as used bird cage liner.  That the sneer of their lips and the scorn from their voice will be an indication to you that your reasoning of examining ourselves followed by repentance, in addition to the criticizing of their message is tantamount to be classified as “spiritual treason”  and needs to be dealt with harshly so that their “apple cart” may not be turned over.

Proverbs 29:2 says:  “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”  It is here we must ask ourselves, “Who put these people here?”  While most Christians cite Daniel 2:21 as some type of “Get out of jail free” Scripture – meaning that they are absolved of any responsibility, the opposite of that is true.  When you vote in an election – local, regional, or national, God may have been in the booth with you but He didn’t make the choice.  You did.  The same is true in the spiritual.  When you continuously sit under false teaching and you agree to that teaching by supporting it in word and in deed (your “amen” and your money), it was not God who planted you there.  That was done by your choice.

Since it was your choice that got you into the mess you are in, it will be your choice that will begin to get you out.  No different than the prodigal son who “came to himself”, we as the Church in America must have the same experience. We must recognize that without repentance to God followed by our obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit, we will fall like Jerusalem in 70 A.D.- not one stone left upon another.  It is the only way ourselves, the Church in America as well as this nation, can be united under Him once more.

A Window to the World

Chick-Fil-A: Private Opinion Exposing a Public War

On August 1 the country “celebrated” Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day by going to their local Chick-Fil-A restaurant and purchasing products sold there.  Why? Becuase COO Dan Cathy expressed a personal opinion that he believes in traditional marriage. While I appreciate Mr. Cathy’s stance on the topic, it is the response that his opinion has received that is cause for concern.  What would motivate tens of thousands of people across the nation to buy a Chick-Fil-A product, yet would vote for unrighteousness in our government at all levels 2-4 years earlier?  The answer I believe is as clear as the noon day sun:  Silent Pastors.

The churches in America – the “Black”ones especially,  have become unnerving silent in this last presidential election cycle until Mr. Obama came out in favor of Same-Sex Marriage.  This admission by Mr. Obama has forced the Church in America to finally take a stand on the issue of what God constitutes as holy.  In other words, the darkness of this world has painted the Church in America in such a small corner, it was forced to rise up and by their action get a little “dirty”.  Their action told the congregation that attends them that they are not  completely corrupt, but their existence does has some redeeming value.

The “congregation” responded on August 1st that we do not need professional clergy to speak for us, but that we can speak for ourselves and “vote” for righteousness with our dollars.  To which I would hope that their vote that was cast at Chick-Fil-A will translate into righteousness on Election Day.

Chick-Fil-A: Private Opinion Exposing a Public War

Spring Cleaning is not Just for Houses

When you seen clutter in your home, most people get so fed up looking at it, they finally do something about it.  The same principle lies in the your spiritual home – your church.

I have been reading “Bastards in the Pulpit” by William Owens.  Not only does the book exposes the “clutter” of flesh on display in the one place there shouldn’t be – the pulpit.  But it also exposes if you have or if you are in need of Scriptural Fathering.

This book is not for those who are classified as SMOs (Sunday Morning Only) Christians;  Nor those who recognize God as some type of spiritual “fire insurance”.    This book is for  those who dare to bare themselves as naked as the day they were born toward the Word of God to see where they measure up, where God has taken them,  and how far on the journey they need to go.

The time that we are living in is very critical and requires everyone who names Jesus as Lord – myself included, to carefully examine themselves, to see how pliable is their heart is toward the Lord in the area of being chastened.  Do we cower down or go into “full attack mode” when chastisement comes from a place we deem unlikely?  Do we look at ourselves first rather than pointing the finger at someone else?   Are we willing to ask ourselves the very questions we would interrogate another brother or sister with?  Once we have examined ourselves, are we willing to take on those who live – or worse, preach in error?

A case in point is a “preacher” at a church in Dallas, TX.  He preaches in his pulpit a sermon that supports Mr. Obama’s stance on gay “marriage”. Here is the video.

The first thing you would notice is that the cross is replaced with an ankh – an Egyptian religious symbol.   Nowhere in Scripture do you find an ankh.  The next thing you find in the message itself where this “preacher” tries to connect equality with sexual orientation, knowing that the congregation will not do their homework on American nor Biblical history.  For if they would initiate any type of investigative fortitude, they would quickly find out that this person is a heretic, a liar and a vessel of the destroyer the devil.  In short,  he is a bastard in the pulpit and needs to sit down and repent before God for the spiritual treason that he has committed.

II Timothy 2:15 calls us to “Study to show OURSELVES approved….”.  We are supposed to able to discern truth from error.  Yet millions of us go to “church” on Sunday morning at 11:00am and become all to willing participants of our own deception.   From Joel Osteen’s message of idolatry of self and a bloodless cross, to this preacher condoning the very abomination that God calls us to avoid citing that the Founders of this nation endorsed it, yet far removed from the well documented Biblical worldview that the Founders really held.

It is well past time that the Church in America repents of the heinous spiritual crimes we have committed in front of a righteous God.  Before those who read this and then quote Matthew 7:1 to me, I think I Peter 4:17 needs to be read first:

 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?”

Judgment like the Anointing, never flows from the bottom up.  Consider this when you stand in front of those whom you were called to shepherd.

Spring Cleaning is not Just for Houses

Chiropractors Wanted.

As we are seeing our heroes in the faith such as Chuck Colson graduating to be with Jesus, I begin to ponder not only my relationship with the Master, but our world where we live in general – and America, in particular.   How far we have come from the Founder’s vision of freedom from tyranny through the conduit of religious liberty.  Fast forward 235 years from our founding and our country resembles more of the twisted cross of Nazi Germany than the stars and stripes of America.   While poll researchers’ data shows that this nation is overwhelmingly Christian, this version of Christianity is little more than surface deep.  More to the point this nation resembles more of George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” than “Onward Christian Soldiers”.

How have we strayed off the path that the Founders have laid out for us?  Two ways.  First, we have said as a nation that we do not want God in our affairs:  whether they are social, economic, or political.  Secondly, and most important, We don’t teach what a Biblical worldview is from our pulpits.  So is it any wonder that a Biblical worldview is not seen in society? It’s because it’s conspicuously absent from the pew.

By being apathetic in our duties of  preserving the Constitution that our Founders have given us through Divine Providence, we as Christians as well as Americans are on a cataclysmic course of embracing the horror of a dictatorship.  It is the very thing that the Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for us to avoid.

Being familiar with eschatology, I am well aware the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet has to appear on the world stage so that they can be worshiped.  However, no one knows when that day will occur.  A bigger event will take place prior to that.  It is the capturing away of the Church.  The event where Jesus Christ Himself will descend from Heaven to the Earth and gather unto Himself those that are His and we shall so ever be with Him.  THIS is the blessed hope.

In Luke 21:28, he states, “Look up and lift your heads for your redemption draws near”.

Christian chiropractors should be seeing a lot of business between now and then.

Chiropractors Wanted.

Balances are not Just for Scientific Measurements

Have you ever taken a science course?  A course where you would take elements and determine their exact weight through a balance.  We as a nation are in that same  type of scenario.  However, unlike the elements on the periodic table,  the element that is being measured is sin.  In this “experiment” the counter balance is not the nation itself, but the righteousness in that nation.  In other words the measure of sin  must be measured against the measurement of righteousness in a nation in order to find a just weight or balance.

Let’s take a look at some of the sins this nation has committed.  No, we do not have to go back to the time of slavery.  That was rectified by the 13th, 14th, and 15th, Amendments respectively.  In 1947 Justice Henry Black ruled that there was a wall of separation between Church and State, and that wall was impregnable.  Pretty strong language for a ruling that had no precedent. Why was that so egregious?  Because this nation had church service in the Capitol Rotunda – which is now the United States Supreme Court building for the first 100 years of its existence.  A clear action of legislating from the Bench.  An action our Founders abhorred and that our Pastors said nothing.

Next we move on to 1954 where then Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson amended the IRS tax code keep preachers from endorsing candidates from the pulpit that hold a Biblical worldview or risk their non-profit status exemption.  To this day that amendment is never been challenged  in a U.S. Supreme Court case.  Our Pastor’s silence is their agreement with the law.

Fast forward to 1973 where the systematic murder of  In Vitro children became “the law of the land”.  While the Church has been outspoken about this heinous ruling,  it’s like saying, “Close the barn door” after the horse has already left.  Where were the Pastors speaking of recalling the Justices that were in favor of that ruling?

It seems to me that when the government which we are charged by God to hold accountable to the standard of Scripture does something un-scriptural and passes a law to enforce it, THEN we say something. It’s the dramatization of putting the cart before the horse, wondering why the cart doesn’t move even after all of us collectively scream “giddy up”.

America has found herself in the balances of God and we have been found wanting.  In short, our collective sins have outweighed any type of righteousness we could muster.  However, unlike Belshazzar, judgement has not come for us…yet.  We still have (very little) time.  We need to repent now as ever before.  If the altered course began with Spiritual Authority, then the course correction needs to begin with them also.  If this means that they choose not to repent it is your responsibility to find another church lest you partake in the same judgement of that person.  If repentance does not come from us collectively and soon, we have to look no further than Biblical and world history of those who have turn their backs on God.  From the Israelis who brought into captivity by Babylon, to the Church in Germany that was slaughtered by Hitler.  Summary judgement was brought about by God who has made it repeatedly clear that He will not be mocked.

So what will it be Church of America?  Will our nation suffer judgement due to our rebellion or though our repentance will He find a just weight that will bring our nation into “balance” and stay His hand, for now.

Balances are not Just for Scientific Measurements

When Do We Get Off the Merry-Go-Round?

“The more things change, the more they stay the same”  That’s how the saying goes.

When we stop and look back at history, we can see that a lot of things have come full circle.  From the cultural where in the 1970’s people wore Bell Bottom pants, and now we currently call them “Flares”.  To the economic where manufacturing plants were closing at a record rate, and unemployment was in excess of 15%, and we are racing toward that mark again.  To spiritually where most Christians can’t define, much less live out a Biblical worldview.   We as a nation have come back to a place where most people in America – Christian or not, recognize that there is something terribly wrong.

Since all things begin and end in the spirit, I would call this a spiritual “merry-go-round”.  Why?  Because like a natural merry-go-round we are moving in different directions:  Up and down, round and round deceiving ourselves thinking that we are progressing – moving forward as it were.  Then reality slaps us in the face and we realize that once we get off the ride, we can see clearly that we didn’t go anywhere at all, and the movement we experienced was just an illusion just to waste our time.

So how do we change the situation?  Three things we as a nation must do:

First,  we as a nation must recognize that we a spiritual problem first, not a natural  problem.  Spiritual problems must be solved with spiritual solutions.  Those solutions should originate from Spiritual Authority. They should include repentance, prayer and fasting, with those in that authority demonstrating how it is to be properly done.

Secondly, in order for this nation to be successful again, we must discover the very thing that made us successful in the first place.  In order to find out what that was we must go back into history to see what did the Founders do that we are not doing.  The answer is the Founders believed that God is an integral part of society that permeates all areas:  Socially, Economically, and Spiritually.    In other words, no matter what part society you chose to peer into, God was there.  Can we say that about our society?

Third, we need to begin to execute a plan to put God back into places of  our society and culture that we have forced Him out of.  One of the obvious places we have force Him out by either active removal or passive indifference is government.  Why is that so important?  Government is not made of up laws, but of people.  When people who can exercise self-control internally, laws don’t need to be created externally.  So if you have those who are in public office that are controlled internally by God, the laws that are created are very few and are specifically designed for those who choose not to be controlled by God.  In short, the success of the Founders can be summed up this way:  God was in control – of them.

Let’s get off the merry-go-round, go past the “fun house” and ask God to show us the nearest “exit”.

When Do We Get Off the Merry-Go-Round?

Spiritual Deception or Political Blindness: What does the Church Suffer From?

“Time flies when you’re having fun”.

So the saying goes.  However, I find the time that we are living in is flying faster than ever – even though we’re suffering in this kettle of pain we chose to jump into back in 2008.  At the time the nation was chanting “Hope and Change” and “Yes We Can”.  Now the nation is slowly waking up to the fact that without God there is no “Hope”.  To be independent from Him will not result in any “Change”.  Finally, we in the Church who have been commissioned by God to save the lost, recognized that by dazzling people with our hip programs, our seeker sensitive culture and our palatable Gospel, we have concluded that without the power of the Holy Spirit, “No We Can’t”.

We are about 9 months away from choosing another President.  There has been a lot of chatter in churches – “Black” churches especially, that people will re-elect Barack Obama based solely on his skin tone.  Regardless of your political affiliation, the standard of choosing a leader to rule over you should always be based on the Word of God.  Those who choose political expediency over God’s Word are no better.  Sarah Palin, who claims to be an unashamed Christian wrote a note on Facebook concerning Bella Santorum, Rick Santorum’s daughter who was admitted to the hospital recently, “Thank you, Rick and Karen Santorum, for living the Christ-like example of sacrifice and right priorities”…..  Yet she endorses Newt Gingrich for President?

As I have said in previous postings, “Just because I say I’m a Cadillac, doesn’t mean that I am”.  As this and subsequent years moves on – providing that the Lord tarries, it will become more and more evident of who verbalizes the teachings of Christ, as opposed to who lives them.  In Biblical terms, the chaff has grown with the wheat and harvest time is upon us (see Matthew 13:24-30).  This doesn’t mean that those who have made mistakes that repentance is not available to them.  I am speaking directly to those who have chosen to walk in error and refuse to look at that error for what it is.  That the pride in their heart is more important than the approval of the Holy Spirit.  That their position holds more sway than God’s direction.  That the ruling of men is tantamount than the serving of them.  These leaders and all that willing to follow them are part of the Laodicean church that Jesus spoke of that are miserable, wretched, blind, poor, and naked ( See Revelation 3:17).

In the coming months we will see more political rhetoric than ever – on both sides of the aisle.  Our countrymen will be doing a lot finger pointing saying that “My side is right”.  or “God is on my side”.  While there maybe instances that could bear that out, I think Abraham Lincoln said it best:

“My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”

Lincoln knew a thing or two about having a clear vision to eliminate tyranny;  what we now call slavery.  We in the Church should learn from history, lest we damn our country to repeat it.

Spiritual Deception or Political Blindness: What does the Church Suffer From?