Dogs, Cats, and Pigeons….What’s Next

It has been six months since my last post….and a LOT has happened.  The new year started off with a “bang”.  On January 4th, the first day of trading, the American stock market went “BANG” and dropped 1000 points.  The Republican field went from over a half-dozen candidates to essentially one – Donald Trump.  While I do not have a dog in this fight (for I believe all elections are rigged – especially at the federal level), I believe something very onerous is on the horizon.  Those who are intellectually honest are receiving this same feeling of foreboding.  Something is about ready to spring on the American citizen with the tension of overextended bear trap.  An event that when it occurs, there is very little to no chance of survival to the unprepared.

What is this event you may ask?  Frankly, I am not certain.  It may be a single event to multiple events happening simultaneously.  While I do believe the following events will happen in America, I am not certain as to which order:

  • Economic Collapse.  Again, if you are intellectually honest, this is the biggest threat to the American way of living.  At the time of this post, the US national debt stands at over 19 TRILLION dollars.  This is not counting unfunded liabilities such a Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, etc. All of which may not have been such a crisis if we did not kill off north of 70 million of our countrymen through the process of abortion.

  • Civil Unrest.  Through the socialist tactic of class warfare, the nation has been divided.  At one time we were united through the vehicle of opportunity.  Now we are divided through the process of outcome.  Scripture says: “A wise man sees trouble and hides himself.  The simple move on and they are punished.” (Proverbs 22:3)  Those who see the trouble are preparing themselves accordingly, while those who don’t are no different from those in ancient Rome whose bread and circuses were more important.

  • The Destruction of Freedom.  What makes a nation flourish is the ability to pursue individual desires that positively contributes to the society as a whole.  Aside from the societal belief of being the benefactor of Divine Providence, it is the secret to the experiment called America.   When those in authority believe they are that providence, coupled with the apathy of the citizenry, it is a recipe for the chains of bondage to be applied at all levels – economic, political, social, and spiritual.

We as a nation are entering a dark time that has not been seen since the Middle Ages.  A time of lawlessness that is only governed by the bridle of the human heart instead of Divine Providence.  In short, we have said to God, “We can run our own affairs.  We don’t need You.”


Be careful what you wish for.  We are about ready to get it.



Dogs, Cats, and Pigeons….What’s Next