You Have Been Warned

A lot has changed over the 60+ days from my last entry.  Greece has received the “haircut” that I referred to in my last entry.   This is where the Greek people could only receive $60.00 Euros per day from their bank accounts.  The scale of turmoil on the global landscape could not have been humanly imagined.  The American stock market has crashed over 2000 points.  The Chinese stock market have dropped significantly.  Financial wars have started – to the point that a tactical nuclear device (my opinion) has been detonated in Tianjin, China over the fact that the Chinese government devalued their currency three times in ONE WEEK.  If after the last 60 days you are still of the impression that the American economy is “on the mend”,  I can not help you anymore.  Your normalcy bias is so strong, that until the national police comes to your door, you will not wake up.

To those that still subscribing to this blog,  Congratulations!  You are among the less than 1% of people’s that are “awake” to the madness.  To underscore the point of where we are headed, one has to look no further than countries that have already embraced or in the middle of a financial collapse presently.  Countries such as: Venezuela, Argentina, Zimbabwe, or Greece.  These are countries that the masses are angry at their government for robbing them of their freedom: politically, socially and financially.  While their anger is seething collectively, they lack a few items.  Items such as:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Medicine (Over the Counter)
  • Toilet Paper
  • Arms and bullets to protect themselves and the aforementioned.

Another thing that I did not name on this extensively short list is gold and silver – with an emphasis on silver,  At roughly $15.00/oz, silver is gigantic bargain.   The metal is in such short supply, that it is carrying a 30-50% premium above the price aforementioned – if you can find it.

America is in the final stages of its last Hurrah.  The sun is setting on this once great and prosperous land.  While there are evangelistic pundits that talk about that this is the greatest soul winning opportunity that the world has ever seen, they also seem to carefully omit that gross darkness must shadow the land first.  For I am of the opinion that the modern-day Sanhedrin that we are living under are more concerned about revenue than revelation.  Thus, if  you listen to their great swelling words, and do not prepare your household accordingly, you do so at your own peril.

You Have Been Warned.

You Have Been Warned