Chiropractors Wanted.

As we are seeing our heroes in the faith such as Chuck Colson graduating to be with Jesus, I begin to ponder not only my relationship with the Master, but our world where we live in general – and America, in particular.   How far we have come from the Founder’s vision of freedom from tyranny through the conduit of religious liberty.  Fast forward 235 years from our founding and our country resembles more of the twisted cross of Nazi Germany than the stars and stripes of America.   While poll researchers’ data shows that this nation is overwhelmingly Christian, this version of Christianity is little more than surface deep.  More to the point this nation resembles more of George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” than “Onward Christian Soldiers”.

How have we strayed off the path that the Founders have laid out for us?  Two ways.  First, we have said as a nation that we do not want God in our affairs:  whether they are social, economic, or political.  Secondly, and most important, We don’t teach what a Biblical worldview is from our pulpits.  So is it any wonder that a Biblical worldview is not seen in society? It’s because it’s conspicuously absent from the pew.

By being apathetic in our duties of  preserving the Constitution that our Founders have given us through Divine Providence, we as Christians as well as Americans are on a cataclysmic course of embracing the horror of a dictatorship.  It is the very thing that the Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for us to avoid.

Being familiar with eschatology, I am well aware the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet has to appear on the world stage so that they can be worshiped.  However, no one knows when that day will occur.  A bigger event will take place prior to that.  It is the capturing away of the Church.  The event where Jesus Christ Himself will descend from Heaven to the Earth and gather unto Himself those that are His and we shall so ever be with Him.  THIS is the blessed hope.

In Luke 21:28, he states, “Look up and lift your heads for your redemption draws near”.

Christian chiropractors should be seeing a lot of business between now and then.

Chiropractors Wanted.