Balances are not Just for Scientific Measurements

Have you ever taken a science course?  A course where you would take elements and determine their exact weight through a balance.  We as a nation are in that same  type of scenario.  However, unlike the elements on the periodic table,  the element that is being measured is sin.  In this “experiment” the counter balance is not the nation itself, but the righteousness in that nation.  In other words the measure of sin  must be measured against the measurement of righteousness in a nation in order to find a just weight or balance.

Let’s take a look at some of the sins this nation has committed.  No, we do not have to go back to the time of slavery.  That was rectified by the 13th, 14th, and 15th, Amendments respectively.  In 1947 Justice Henry Black ruled that there was a wall of separation between Church and State, and that wall was impregnable.  Pretty strong language for a ruling that had no precedent. Why was that so egregious?  Because this nation had church service in the Capitol Rotunda – which is now the United States Supreme Court building for the first 100 years of its existence.  A clear action of legislating from the Bench.  An action our Founders abhorred and that our Pastors said nothing.

Next we move on to 1954 where then Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson amended the IRS tax code keep preachers from endorsing candidates from the pulpit that hold a Biblical worldview or risk their non-profit status exemption.  To this day that amendment is never been challenged  in a U.S. Supreme Court case.  Our Pastor’s silence is their agreement with the law.

Fast forward to 1973 where the systematic murder of  In Vitro children became “the law of the land”.  While the Church has been outspoken about this heinous ruling,  it’s like saying, “Close the barn door” after the horse has already left.  Where were the Pastors speaking of recalling the Justices that were in favor of that ruling?

It seems to me that when the government which we are charged by God to hold accountable to the standard of Scripture does something un-scriptural and passes a law to enforce it, THEN we say something. It’s the dramatization of putting the cart before the horse, wondering why the cart doesn’t move even after all of us collectively scream “giddy up”.

America has found herself in the balances of God and we have been found wanting.  In short, our collective sins have outweighed any type of righteousness we could muster.  However, unlike Belshazzar, judgement has not come for us…yet.  We still have (very little) time.  We need to repent now as ever before.  If the altered course began with Spiritual Authority, then the course correction needs to begin with them also.  If this means that they choose not to repent it is your responsibility to find another church lest you partake in the same judgement of that person.  If repentance does not come from us collectively and soon, we have to look no further than Biblical and world history of those who have turn their backs on God.  From the Israelis who brought into captivity by Babylon, to the Church in Germany that was slaughtered by Hitler.  Summary judgement was brought about by God who has made it repeatedly clear that He will not be mocked.

So what will it be Church of America?  Will our nation suffer judgement due to our rebellion or though our repentance will He find a just weight that will bring our nation into “balance” and stay His hand, for now.

Balances are not Just for Scientific Measurements

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