When Do We Get Off the Merry-Go-Round?

“The more things change, the more they stay the same”  That’s how the saying goes.

When we stop and look back at history, we can see that a lot of things have come full circle.  From the cultural where in the 1970’s people wore Bell Bottom pants, and now we currently call them “Flares”.  To the economic where manufacturing plants were closing at a record rate, and unemployment was in excess of 15%, and we are racing toward that mark again.  To spiritually where most Christians can’t define, much less live out a Biblical worldview.   We as a nation have come back to a place where most people in America – Christian or not, recognize that there is something terribly wrong.

Since all things begin and end in the spirit, I would call this a spiritual “merry-go-round”.  Why?  Because like a natural merry-go-round we are moving in different directions:  Up and down, round and round deceiving ourselves thinking that we are progressing – moving forward as it were.  Then reality slaps us in the face and we realize that once we get off the ride, we can see clearly that we didn’t go anywhere at all, and the movement we experienced was just an illusion just to waste our time.

So how do we change the situation?  Three things we as a nation must do:

First,  we as a nation must recognize that we a spiritual problem first, not a natural  problem.  Spiritual problems must be solved with spiritual solutions.  Those solutions should originate from Spiritual Authority. They should include repentance, prayer and fasting, with those in that authority demonstrating how it is to be properly done.

Secondly, in order for this nation to be successful again, we must discover the very thing that made us successful in the first place.  In order to find out what that was we must go back into history to see what did the Founders do that we are not doing.  The answer is the Founders believed that God is an integral part of society that permeates all areas:  Socially, Economically, and Spiritually.    In other words, no matter what part society you chose to peer into, God was there.  Can we say that about our society?

Third, we need to begin to execute a plan to put God back into places of  our society and culture that we have forced Him out of.  One of the obvious places we have force Him out by either active removal or passive indifference is government.  Why is that so important?  Government is not made of up laws, but of people.  When people who can exercise self-control internally, laws don’t need to be created externally.  So if you have those who are in public office that are controlled internally by God, the laws that are created are very few and are specifically designed for those who choose not to be controlled by God.  In short, the success of the Founders can be summed up this way:  God was in control – of them.

Let’s get off the merry-go-round, go past the “fun house” and ask God to show us the nearest “exit”.

When Do We Get Off the Merry-Go-Round?

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