Spiritual Deception or Political Blindness: What does the Church Suffer From?

“Time flies when you’re having fun”.

So the saying goes.  However, I find the time that we are living in is flying faster than ever – even though we’re suffering in this kettle of pain we chose to jump into back in 2008.  At the time the nation was chanting “Hope and Change” and “Yes We Can”.  Now the nation is slowly waking up to the fact that without God there is no “Hope”.  To be independent from Him will not result in any “Change”.  Finally, we in the Church who have been commissioned by God to save the lost, recognized that by dazzling people with our hip programs, our seeker sensitive culture and our palatable Gospel, we have concluded that without the power of the Holy Spirit, “No We Can’t”.

We are about 9 months away from choosing another President.  There has been a lot of chatter in churches – “Black” churches especially, that people will re-elect Barack Obama based solely on his skin tone.  Regardless of your political affiliation, the standard of choosing a leader to rule over you should always be based on the Word of God.  Those who choose political expediency over God’s Word are no better.  Sarah Palin, who claims to be an unashamed Christian wrote a note on Facebook concerning Bella Santorum, Rick Santorum’s daughter who was admitted to the hospital recently, “Thank you, Rick and Karen Santorum, for living the Christ-like example of sacrifice and right priorities”…..  Yet she endorses Newt Gingrich for President?

As I have said in previous postings, “Just because I say I’m a Cadillac, doesn’t mean that I am”.  As this and subsequent years moves on – providing that the Lord tarries, it will become more and more evident of who verbalizes the teachings of Christ, as opposed to who lives them.  In Biblical terms, the chaff has grown with the wheat and harvest time is upon us (see Matthew 13:24-30).  This doesn’t mean that those who have made mistakes that repentance is not available to them.  I am speaking directly to those who have chosen to walk in error and refuse to look at that error for what it is.  That the pride in their heart is more important than the approval of the Holy Spirit.  That their position holds more sway than God’s direction.  That the ruling of men is tantamount than the serving of them.  These leaders and all that willing to follow them are part of the Laodicean church that Jesus spoke of that are miserable, wretched, blind, poor, and naked ( See Revelation 3:17).

In the coming months we will see more political rhetoric than ever – on both sides of the aisle.  Our countrymen will be doing a lot finger pointing saying that “My side is right”.  or “God is on my side”.  While there maybe instances that could bear that out, I think Abraham Lincoln said it best:

“My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”

Lincoln knew a thing or two about having a clear vision to eliminate tyranny;  what we now call slavery.  We in the Church should learn from history, lest we damn our country to repeat it.

Spiritual Deception or Political Blindness: What does the Church Suffer From?

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Deception or Political Blindness: What does the Church Suffer From?

  1. True, true. Churches have really lapsed in their responsibilities, and their modern missions have marginalized Faith. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens this year, but let’s hope Christians do not stay on the sidelines.

  2. Excellent post. As Christians, we must use wisdom when deciding whom to support. And we must not let any one single issue or fact decide that vote. As to Barack Obama, I truly like him and think very highly of him as a man, husband and father. I just cannot support his key policies and positions as President.

  3. Nadine says:

    While I totally agree about spiritual blindness going on, it does not mean that “only the Christian is the right person to vote for” either. Gingrich has claimed to be a Christian as well, who are we to say he’s not? Certainly not due to past moral indiscretions… we’re supposed to be able to repent (turn). None of us know the man’s heart.

    Further, Rick Santorum has a rather Liberal voting record from his senate days, and I don’t believe that only Christians can lead the country well… (don’t most of them claim to be Christians too?) Jimmy Carter was Baptist if I remember correctly and he was our 2nd worst President. It is not a given that only Christians make good leaders. God can and has used many non Christians for His purposes for good and bad. He can work it either way according to His will for the people they preside over..

    The truth is – imo that this country is swirling down the drain due to the collective change in our Godless people. I’m not sure how God can bless a country that fights to kick Him out – I don’t think Santorum is going to bring blessing while the people remain rebellious and hostile toward anything righteous.

    God richly blessed America and we’ve fallen into the same destructive cycle the Israelites repeatedly fell into when they were heavily blessed. They end up going their own way – worshiping idols and forgetting God.
    Parents end up failing to raise their offspring in the Lord so Godless generations are raised up.

    At the same time, we’re in the ‘last days’; the [spiritual] blindness, love of pleasure, apathy, immorality, lack of reverence towards God, lack of love,, rejection of God, and other lists of sins are all prophesied to happen in culmination with what we’re seeing in our time around the world..

    It may well be that America has finally reached the point where it ceases to be what it was because it’s God’s perfect timing to bring us down in order to speed up the other inevitable world events? As for 0bama – I like nothing about him and never did. I still believe he was the precursor to the coming of the future antichrist. The way he was ‘worshiped’ before he even did anything was amazing to me…. the people are ripe for a false leader – the only concern they have is their wallet, – very little concern about what he’s doing in any other area.

    This President is able to be so blatant and bold because he sees how primed the people are to receive it. Very scary and exciting times.

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