Occupy til “I” Come

Over the last few weeks we have seen these “occupy”movements all over the country.  We have been told that these “protesters” are exercising their first amendment right to peaceably assemble and redress grievances that they have with their government.  Yet there hasn’t been a protest reported that did not have incidents of violence or debauchery tied to it.  Regardless of what section of the country you examine – East Coast or West Coast, Plain States or Rocky Mountains, they all have one thing in common:  An absence of God in them.   Not one event that has been covered mentions God, the Founders or what they believe.  Not one event that has been covered, initiated or concluded with prayer for our country or countrymen.  Not one event that has been covered displayed citizens responsible for the mess they created.  At the core of every protest was the idolization of self: From public sex and drug use, to urinating and defecating on public property these “protesters” are acting out the most base behavior of humanity possible.

My question would be “Where is the Church”?!  As the old saying goes, “The squeakiest wheel gets the grease”.  Yet I hear no “squeak” coming from the pulpit.  Where is your outrage, Pastor?  Why have you allowed this type of behavior to go largely unanswered?  Is it because your tax exemption is more important that your moral duty?  Is it because you lack the courage to speak out on not only what is obviously sin, but can’t find the intestinal fortitude to say that “Right behavior brings forth right results”?  When have you encouraged your congregation that the saving the soul of this nation is just as important as saving the soul of a person?  Do you know that to do both averts judgement on both?

This nation was birthed out of religious persecution.  It is a very sad commentary that to bring back God in a place that He should have never left,  we as a  people are going to have to suffer religious persecution again.  Not the Laodicean type of “persecution” of not getting the closest parking stall to the church doors.  Not the agony of someone sitting in “your” seat.   I’m referring to the police braking down your door at 3 A.M. pulling you out of bed and arresting you for being a Christian.  If we as a nation ever get to that point and you pull out a gun to defend your family, justifiable homicide will be the cause of your death and your family will still be arrested.  Ready for that one Pastor?

I am calling forth a new “occupation”.    An occupation of righteous men and women who will stand behind the sacred desk and extoll the virtues and mandates that God Almighty has in His Word and for His people.  A people who will stand up be counted and take captive the darkness in this nation by bringing forth the light of His righteous to every facet of life  –  including political life.  An occupation that has at its core the serving of others as God intended, not the serving of self.  An occupation which understands a lack of freedom in Him is a sure road to bondage.   An occupation of the preservation of our Christian core beliefs is a sure road to freedom.

THIS is the occupation that Jesus is looking for.  A new direction birthed out of II Chronicles 7:14 and fulfilled out of Proverbs 29:2.  When we as a nation begin to do this, then we will begin to see Him.

Ready to occupy?

Occupy til “I” Come

Why Are All the Cries Silent?

On New Year’s Day I wrote “2011:  The Mark of  a Decade, The Mark of the Church, or The Mark of the Beast“.  I wrote it as a “seed” for the American Church to think about.  The last paragraph states:

As we the Church in America enter into 2011 we must make no mistake.  A mark will be made this year.  The question is what kind of mark will you as a believer will leave behind.  Will you be known as a person that was despised because you refused to do your job?  A person that conspired to abandon your job of maintaining Constitutional vigilance and leaving it up to someone else to do for you?  Or will you be known as a person who stood up for righteousness in the public square and the political arena; To be an inspiration to our countrymen that Biblical Truth is worth living for and that God ordained liberty is worth fighting for“.

It takes approximately nine months to create a child   Let’s take a spiritual and political “ultrasound” and see the ‘child” the Church has created.  We have 17% unemployment (regardless of what the government says).  We have seen and allowed Socialist-style capitalism to take place (see Solyndra).  Yet the pulpits of America are eerily silent when it comes to calling out this type of sin.   Sure,  we point out the obvious ones such as same same -sex marriage.  Why?  Because pointing those sins out is considered “safe”.  Why are they considered safe?  The world has come to expect the Church to call out those sins.  Yet instead of  feeling the conviction of God’s Word that’s being preached, we are largely ignored.  Why?  Because we are regarded as no real existential threat to the American Culture because truth be told, we don’t believe in the Truth of the Word of God.  Why Not?  Because so long as our Pastors keep dangling the “prosperity carrot”  in front of us, we are more than willing to let the world pass us by since we have become so fixated on our “breakthrough”.

We have at least heard of the trial and conviction of Pastor Yusef Nadarkhani of Iran.  Yet what kind of “solidarity” have we seen coming out of the Church?  What viral videos on YouTube have been posted?  Where are the “fire and brimstone” sermons that tells the congregation that God is the one who gave us our rights and it is those rights we are called to steward?  That if this can happen in a place where Sharia Law is accepted as the “Law of the land”,  then it has the potential of becoming the law of the land here because we allowed it.  Can’t happen in America you say?  Think again and read this article:  “Sharia Law in America – Is it Possible?: YES!”  Ask yourself this question:  Why is there no outrage in the pulpit over the Solyndra debacle?  That a corporation in a niche industry can ask and receive loan guarantees totaling hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money – God’s money, right Pastor? Yet very little to no accountability is being called forth.  These are two of many examples that the Church in America instead of proclaiming and implementing the solution of God’s Word, we have become an integral part of the problem.

What is the solution you may ask?  I would classify it as the three “Rs”:  Repentance, Removal, and Restoration.

Repentance – This is a job that Church in America MUST initiate from the top down.  That those in spiritual leadership would repent to God AND the congregation for not leading us in the way we should go.  Once that is initiated we invite the entire country to join us in this spiritual, but critical exercise.

Removal – We mount with up the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit along with the intestinal fortitude necessary to hold those that in public office accountable and to remove those who have  chosen not to be.

Restoration – This is something that can happen only at God’s direction.  As the Church we must keep our ear toward Heaven and our eyes on the Earth, so to ensure that what we hear from Him is translated in to what we see because of our obedience to His Word.

When the three “R”s” are properly implemented, we will hear the cry of the child that is the new birth – revival.  If not,  this child will come out the womb stillborn and we the Church will be held responsible  by God.

Why Are All the Cries Silent?