History is Repeated Because it’s not Retaught.

History teaches us two things:  What we did right and what we did wrong.  In our own history we learned that to enslave another human being based on skin color was wrong.  We also learned that barring those same individuals from equal access was just as wrong also.

However, we would stand to benefit from the history of others.  A case in point is Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  He was a Pastor in Germany before Hitler and Nazi (National Socialists) party took over Germany.  He warned the Church of Germany about Hitler and the Nazis, but no one listened.  He warned that the Nazi would arrest people and raid their homes and businesses.   No one listened.

On August 25, 2011 Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corporation  had his business raided for a 2nd time (the first time being in 2009) and the wood used to make Gibson guitars were seized.  However, in both cases no charges were filed against Gibson and the wood was never returned.  Below is a news conference Mr. Juszkiewicz on August 26, 2011.

As the CEO stated, the seizure occurred due to the enforcement of Indian – not American law.  This action by the Federal Government should send chills down the backs of the Church in America.  That your property – personal and ministerial, can be seized without warning which is a complete and direct violation of the 4th Amendment.  No probable cause.  No due process.  If you “upset” someone in the government, your freedom as you know it can end, and you can serve time in a jail cell for a crime – perceived or imaginary that the government said you have committed.

This is the precise path Hitler took with the Jews.  He and the Nazis raided their businesses with no probable cause – other than they were Jews.  What was the Church’s response?  They sangs songs.  They had fellowship.  However, they dared not open up their mouths and voiced their dissent against the government, for they feared that they would suffer the same fate as the Jews.  In short, the Gospel that they lived and preached was different from the Gospel that is found in Scripture.  As horrific as the genocide of the Jews were, what’s more terrifying is know that the Christians could have reduced or eliminated the event altogether – if they knew their Bible.

This same diabolical plot has come to our shores and had planted itself in our government. Scripture says, “…a corrupt tree can not bring forth good fruit” (see Matthew 7:18). We have witness over the last 50 or so years, the corruption of the tree we call government and now the evil fruit of it is coming to bare.  All the while, the pruners of the tree – the Church in America have been eating, drinking and making merry with themselves, while the garden of our freedoms have been overrun with every type of weed, thorn and thistle imaginable.

As it was in the days of the Holocaust, soon it will be the same in America.  We the Christians in this nation will have in short order, our own version of  “Kristallnacht” (Night of the Broken Glass).  It may not be your stained glass of your church that is broken, it will be your freedom.

As it is with glass, your freedom once shattered, can never be repaired.

History is Repeated Because it’s not Retaught.

8 thoughts on “History is Repeated Because it’s not Retaught.

  1. It is time the “Church” – by that I mean the “Christians”; the true followers of Christ start standing on the Word of God and speaking up against injustice. If we don’t speak up no one else will, and when you do speak, you better make sure it lines up with the Word of God. If we don’t want history to repeat itself, we will have to change and be silent no more.

  2. The silence of the Church in Germany had facilitated the rise of Hitler to power. The silence of the Church in America have facilitated the rise of Obama to power. Hitler abused and persecuted the Jews. Obama is persecuting and abusing the Christians.

    Yet we keep making the same mistakes, over and over, and then we look surprised when we get the same results.

  3. Judy says:

    I heard you call in on John McTernan’s program last night and love your blog. I think you’re in the 415 area code as I am. I would be interested to know if you’re in a solid church in this area, since I can’t find one.


    1. Judy,

      At the moment I am in between churches also. I am more convinced than ever that this region of the country is a major hub – if not “ground zero” for things Laodicean.

  4. Pastor Marc Johnson says:

    Well Praise the Lord Saints of God! While we the Church identify ourselves as being born again believers, the devil believes and trembles also for it is past time for the blood bought, holy ghost filled, baptized in Jesus name saints to live this Gospel beyond the four walls on Sun, Wed or even a prayer night. Unity is the key to our victory.

  5. The seizure on wood for Gibson guitars is the most asinine thing the government should be checking for. First, the U.S. government is getting more and more aligned to the way of Nazi Germany. Second, the seizure of wood? Come on! What about all the drugs? No, that’s too dangerous. How MUCH is this costing the American tax payers? Have we lost our grip on things? Yes we have.

    The police, from the crooked county officers to the top most law officials in our land, have made a living off the sweat and money of the American people in just this manner. Anyone saying anything against the way things are done are quickly painted as political alarmist or subversive. Please, wake up people. This lax outlook and non responsive attitude is what let these kind of things go on.

    Hitler came to power because the so called alarmists were not heeded and then put in concentration camps and later slaughtered. The government needs checks. It should not be allowed to be so frivolous at throwing our tax money out the window and taking the law into such things as allowing them to enter your homes and businesses as they see fit. Where will it end? When they come in, drag you from your home and then execute you in the street……………TOO LATE THEN! God bless you and keep you and may they be made to be the servants to us rather than the dictators they long to be.

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