Batteries Not Included.

As I stated in my last post, the foundation of any society – large or small is found in the family unit.  The ideal conditions for that unit would be between a man and a woman in the parameters of marriage.  This model would create the most stable and least confusing environment should any offspring be produced.  Why is this so important?  Society as an entity creates laws that establishes order.  Those laws come out of a belief system.  The belief system comes out of a worldview.  This is why it is critical that the Church of America is able to express the Biblical worldview not only in the public square, but to be involved in the debate over public policy as well.

How sad, yet  frustrating it is to see the judgment of God over my country.  Why?  Sad, in so much that it could have been avoided had correct teaching from the pulpit would have went forth in the context of that since God was the one who have given us our rights, then it would stand to reason that God would call for us to steward them.  After all, God was the one who gave us our money and we are called to steward that,  right “Pastor”?

It is frustrating to see that the biggest enemy of the Church in America is not in the second Heaven – meaning the devil;  but can be found in pulpits across America on Sundays and Wednesdays  11:00am and 7:00pm respectively.  For it has been my experience that these “men of God” are not seeking  after the liberation of the Church, but rather the control of it for their own nefarious purposes.  How do you know if you qualify?  If my last statement just gave you a “twinge of anger”,  check the mirror you’re the one.

To everything there is a spiritual and a natural side.  What is the biggest “natural” assault to the Church of  America?  The Gay Agenda.  Why?  The Gay Agenda undermines everything that Scripture stands for.  For example:

1) It propagates its own by recruitment, and not by reproducing. (Scripture reference Genesis 1:28)

2) It forces their opinion on to the general public not by discussion, but by legislation and court order. (Scripture reference Isaiah 1:18)

3)  It tries to establish that human beings are at the “top of the food chain” and that there is no one else to answer to.  (Scripture reference Psalms 14:1)

The reason why the Gay Agenda as well as misled pastors are a dangerous combination is because they represent a “1-2 punch” that the devil uses to prevent God’s Spirit to shine forth through people.  Not to say that the Holy Spirit is limited in any way.  But now the number of vessels that can be used by Him are reduced.

Another way this could happen is through Chrislam – The fusion of Christianity and Islam.  This act is in direct violation of Scripture.  Regardless of how much these deceived pastors want to display the “Love of Christ”, you can not have fellowship with light and darkness (Scripture reference II Corinthians 6:14)  This does not mean you don’t tell them the Truth – Jesus.  However, you do not allow what they believe to be equally valid with Scripture.

We as the Church in America, have been deceived.  Not so much by the devil – although he has a role to play in this.  We have in large part, deceived ourselves.  To think that Biblical Christianity is “on par” with any other belief system is not only misleading, but in the day in which we live can bring forth (spiritual) death with a quickness.

The other deception we face is on Sunday morning at 11:00am where the gospel of self is being perpetrated as the Gospel of Christ.  Where people line up in multimillion dollars facilities that are only used two times per week (another post for another time) so that we can have “Our Best Life Now”.    This “gospel” lacks the one essential element that will make it appealing to others – power.

This false gospel reminds me of a flashlight.  It will give off illumination except for one problem:  “Batteries” are not included.

Batteries Not Included.