I Now Pronounce You ?

As a nation like any other, we have our traditions, our cultures, and our values.  Over time, some of those things can and do change.  As an example we used to involuntarily enslave human beings based on their skin color.  That tradition ended here over 135 years ago.  However, there are some traditions that are universal – you can find them in every country, people group, and tribe.  One of such traditions is marriage.  It has been traditionally held as a ceremony between a man and a woman.  This “experiment” has worked for thousands of years and has produced children and created families  – the foundational stone of any society small or great.

There is a continual assault on this tradition by a small, yet very influential group – the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) community,  Since the scope of this blog is directed to those who believe Jesus Christ is Lord, their assault is primarily targeted at us.  Why?  They know if we were able to get our message of the Gospel out to society at large and change the way they think, they know that what they are doing would be immediately exposed for the fraud that it is and their agenda would be stopped in its tracks.

So how do they do it?  How do they push their agenda on to our society?  They do it using a three prong approach:  Socially, Educationally, and Politically.

Socially:  To package the LGBT lifestyle as “harmless” – even though after 30 years of research,  the evidence shows that the group of people who would be least likely to contract AIDS are heterosexual married couples that never had sex outside of marriage.

Educationally:  Where they have taken over positions of authority at all levels – primary, secondary, college as well as theological.  Why?  They know if they can’t get you to change your mind, they can certainly mold your child’s.  Think about that when you send your child to a government sponsored school.

Politically:  This is where they will try to come after you and I the hardest.  Since most people who subscribe to the Bible as the Word of God are socially and politically conservative, they will get to comply and accept their lifestyle by force – using the full weight of the government at all levels as a “billy club”.  Thus if we do not submit to their agenda willingly, the government will “beat” us in to it.

While the “war” is not over, New York  was the next state that caved into political pressure and made same-sex marriage legal.  Most Pastors would shrug their shoulders and say, “So What”?  Never thinking that if some LGBT couple came to their office wanting to be married, they would have no choice but to marry them.  Why?  They as well as the church they pastor would be embroiled in a discrimination lawsuit. This would be plastered all over the media and the Pastor’s character and church’s image would be be assassinated in the court of public opinion (keep in mind what I said about their social assault tactic).  Remember God issues the call, but the State issues the license.  What are you willing to give up?

The end game is to mold our nation into something that God nor the Founders ever intended.  If that were to ever happen, God would have no choice but to pour out His wrath at full-strength and destroy this nation.  To think that God is a God of love and would “never” do that is theologically unsound, naive, and dangerous.  Don’t believe me?  Read I Thessalonians 5:3 for yourself.  The one thing that the Church in America can learn from the children of darkness is their relentless pursuit of  what they want.  If there is a time to stand up and be counted, THIS IS IT!!!   We must declare righteousness in the land and ACT on that declaration to secure it.

This will not happen osmosis.  This will not happen by “God’s Will” alone.  YOU must partner with God as well as those of like minded faith and push back the tide of this evil.  If you don’t, when it happens in your town, you will be forced to say, “I now pronounce  you ?

I Now Pronounce You ?