The Ark is Filling Up, Are You On It?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Solomon said, “There is no new thing under the sun” (see Ecclesiastes 1:9).   Which simply means, that regardless of the “clothing”  or the “package” it comes in, it has been on the Earth before in one shape or another before you arrived.  How I find it fascinating the Bible is no  different.  In Genesis 6, the Earth was corrupt and filled with violence (v.11), no different from it is now.  Not sure?  How difficult is it to find a person of integrity?  A person that you can actually trust?  This is a truth at one time even God Himself had a problem doing;  to the point he regretted creating mankind (see Genesis 6:6).  However, He found Noah.  As imperfect as he was, he was trying to live for God.  This is why perfection is never what God is looking for.  What He always is looking for is obedience.

Noah heard what God wanted to do, and decided to obey Him and build an ark.  While Noah was building the ark, he preached repentance (see II Peter 2:5) in his time.  No different from ours, I as well as you the reader, are preaching repentance albeit in a different style and a different audience;  However, the message of repentance is the same.  More important than the message is our reaction to God when He speaks.  He is looking for the same thing in our day as He did in Noah’s day – obedience.  What is also fascinating is that even though Scripture makes no mention of it, it is fairly safe to assume that there were governments in the land that established law and order.  Jesus said in Matthew 24: 38:  “For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark…”.  You can’t have marriage without some sort of law and order to acknowledge the marriage.  So it would be safe to say that the governments were corrupt also.  Why?  Because governments are made up of people who pass and enforce laws based on the worldview of the leaders and the populace’s agreement to it – be it vocal or silent.   Governments are no different in our day as they were in Noah’s, insomuch as laws that are being passed are based on the leader’s worldview.

The difference today is that we choose that worldview instead of having it thrust upon us.   The issue today has taken on a different twist.  In our system of government where we would believe “A man’s word is his bond” is no more.  Potential leader’s worldviews have come to us in a “Trojan Horse” of sorts.  Over the years the Trojan Horse has become more crude and less sophisticated.  Why?  It is because we as the Church in America, have collectively a lower threshold of discernment of what is evil.  The reason why that is can be found in our pulpits.  What is being preached behind the sacred desk?  That we have to be vigilant against the wiles of the devil?  Perhaps in some.  However, the overwhelming majority of them are preaching  “How to get your (fill in the blank)”.  It is at its core, a gospel of self – pure and simple.  Since governments are made up of people, how can we can get mad at them, when their makeup is a representation of those who sent them there?  It was not done by coercion, nor by edict, but by our choice (vote).  It is in this same manner, coupled with repentance – as always from the top down, that we will see not only a transformation in our churches, but a reformation in our governments.

I am very aware of eschatology and that Scripture makes no mention of America.  However consider this:  It is easier to preach the Gospel under a canopy of freedom, than a curtain of tyranny.  When you look at countries outside of this one where people are being killed for their faith in the most heinous of ways, it should give you a new level of appreciation of where you live.  I am not stating a case that God will preserve America forever, even if we as nation do repent.  We will still have to answer to God for the sins we have committed as a nation.   If we as a Church body, can repent of our preaching choice, our listening choice, and our voting choice we may have enough time to get one more person into the Ark (Jesus).

Time is running out fast.  The door of the Ark is closing.  This is one “boat” you don’t want to miss.

The Ark is Filling Up, Are You On It?