Silence…The New Church Fad

We as human beings are social in nature and all of us have a longing to be accepted.  From the clothes that we buy, to the place we live in, even the jobs that we hold.  We are looking for that unspoken message of approval.  To see if the choices that we make seem “normal”.  Even in our churches, we are looking for same type of affirmation.  Whether its saying “Amen” at the “appropriate” time, or whether we tithe or pray enough, we are constantly in a search to be like everyone else.

However, there is a new fad sweeping the landscape in the Church of America.  That fad is silence.  You may ask,  “How so”?  In the day and age in which we live, where our rights and freedoms are slowly being stripped away, how does the Church stand:  Silently.   In a day where our government makes policy that flies in the face of our Constitution, how does the Church stand:  Silently.  Where the systematic slaughter of 50 million children in the womb – that if allowed to live would keep our entitlement programs from being insolvent because they could have paid taxes into the system, how does the Church stand:  Silently.  It has been said, “The more things change, the more they stay the same”.  The reaction of the Church in America is precisely the same as the one that was in the Church in Nazi Germany – silence.  If we share in their reaction, we will certainly share in their conclusion:  Unnecessary persecution and death at the hands of a demonically possessed, out  of control State, whose sole purpose is to remove any vestiges of a “conscience” and to enslave its population to do the same.

You have read in previous posts that I believe we as a nation are at a crossroads.  This space of time has been given to the Church in America to examine and judge herself, lest God comes down and judges her.  As with all judgment, once evidence had been presented (sin), punishment must be carried out.  Since we serve an ever-loving and merciful yet righteous God, the first level of “punishment” is repentance.  Since God is a God of order, repentance does come from the bottom up.  God is waiting for His preachers to repent of their sin of not telling the people the truth and not encouraging them to take their rightful place of dominion in the world according to the direction, anointing, gifts and talents that each believer has.  If that does not happen, judgment in the house of God will take place (see I Peter 4:17).  Like repentance, judgment doesn’t flow from the bottom up either.

We the Church in America have been silent long enough.  It is time to voice and institute the Biblical worldview we were called by God to do since the foundation of the world.   To do anything different, would be a dereliction of our duties and would reduce the reputation of His Kingdom to an irrelevant shadow that can be overlooked and ignored.  We are at a fork in the road.  We can take the “right” fork which can lead to the Kingdom being implemented at all levels of government, thus fulfilling Proverbs 29:2.  Or we can take the “left” fork which will lead the Church in America to our “Auschwitz”, “Dachau ” or “Chelmno”.

God our “cab driver”.  He is asking,  “Where to, sir”?

Silence…The New Church Fad