Holy vs. Common: Know the Difference?

In the world which we live in, everything has a value.  From our jobs, to our cars, to our homes, all the items we possess have an intrinsic value attached to them.  What makes one item have a greater value than the other is a direct reflection of our worldview.  This would also include our faith.  We as believers have been taught that God and the things of God are considered holy. If we truly subscribe to this, we would then have the understand that the world and everything in it would be classified as holy, since God created everything.    Subsequently, we have allowed the world to “compartmentalize”  our faith.  Therefore we don’t think as God would – that our faith is integrated into our living, but rather only lived out on separate occasions – say, Sunday Morning at 11:00am?

That being said,  how does the Church in America – particularly its leadership, view government?  Do they as well as ourselves view it as holy, since God created government according to Romans 13:1-2?  Or does the Church in America view government as a periphery or a common thing? – something that we pay attention to “when we have time”?  Since we are in the business of “saving souls”, we are being taught by church leadership that  in most, but not all cases, the activities in government is of little or no concern to us, since we have a “higher calling”.  As I have stated in previous posts, with the exception of the Judges, every governmental authority was a dictatorship.  From Pharaoh in the Old Testament to King Agrippa in the New Testament and everyone in between – which would include David and Solomon.  Since this is true, how do you reconcile your theology of promoting passivity in a Constitutional Republic when nearly all the Biblical characters and Church fathers never experience the freedoms we enjoy and take for granted today?  The persecution of the Church of America is not coming so much at the hand of the devil, but rather due to the culmination of our own foolish choices.

We are passing the crossroads and are approaching the tipping point – commonly known as the point of no return.  A point where we could not go back, even if we wanted to.  However, it’s not too late.  God has not placed America in the balance – yet.  From my viewpoint, a call for a solemn assembly, as well as a call to prayer and repentance is needed.  With the leaders first to repent to God and to each other, then to the people.  Afterward, it is their duty to lead us to His throne in repentance and quantify it with some action here on the Earth.

If the world would recognize God as holy, it has to come from us first.  Not only in our speech, and in our prayer; But in our living and our giving as well.   This would also include our boldness to tell the truth, that God created the world and we will not succumb to any type of coercion or outright bullying to compromise what God calls holy and thereby rendering it as common.



The world is waiting and so is God.  Do you know the difference?

Holy vs. Common: Know the Difference?

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