America the Great Experiment is Under Control of “Mad Scientists”

As I look at current events such as the uprising in Egypt and now the threat of one in Zimbabwe,  I reflect on America being known as the “Great Experiment”.  Why would that phrase be coined about this place?  One reason is that this country wasn’t created out of a political necessity, but a religious one.  A second is the ability for the populace to govern themselves that in world history up until that time has never been heard of, much less tried before.  A third would be economic;  Meaning that the opportunities to be successful was the same, regardless of how much capital you started with at the onset.  As I believe the second and third reasons are “foundational stones” for America’s greatness, however it is the ability to pursue God as Scripture would call us to do that is the cornerstone of our nation.

That being said why is it that our freedoms are being “drained” from the “body” we know as America?  Several reasons come to mind:

  • We as a nation have forgotten our history.
  • We as a nation have taken our freedoms for granted.
  • We as a nation have believed that we can defy “economic gravity” – that we can spend our way into prosperity.
  • We as a nation are focused on self-gratification as well as self-glorification.
  • We as a nation have relegated God to the periphery instead of being the centerpiece of our nation.

It is in this last reason this post will focus on.  We the Church in America have misconstrued God’s restraint for license.  By this, I mean we have abandoned our mandate to steward the freedoms He has given us, and instead we have focused on the ability to get wealth that He gave us.  If you are hesitant to agree with me, listen closely to what comes out of your church on Sunday morning.  Is it mostly about freedom or finances?  Is it about Church government or God government?  Where is the focus of accountability – your “Prayer Partner” whose freedom in God you can encourage or the politician who can curtail your freedom?

Nature abhors a vacuum.  This is true in the physical, spiritual, economic, and yes – the political world as well.  The fact that we have abandoned our “posts” politically, means that someone could step in who maybe be hostile to our Biblical worldview and that they would be in a position to remove all vestiges of it from the public and political arena.   Yet this person – who we chose on Election Day,  is the one  we are being told in our churches to pray for?   Sounds far-fetched?  Sounds unreasonable?   Look no further than Barack Obama.  He has a history in the Illinois State Senate as well as the United States Senate to completely undermine the Biblical worldview.  From voting for taxpayer-funded abortions to voting in favor of the Born Alive Act – Where doctors of botched abortions are required not to aid a baby that was born alive.  This is the one we as a nation chose to put into the office of the President.  This is the one we are being told in our churches that we are required to pray for?

The time has come for the Church in America to do an “uprising” of its own.  It is time for us to cast off the restraint of unsound Biblical doctrine and embrace the Scripture for what it says and what He means.  If the “mad scientists” of the spiritual and political worlds are not shown the door soon, the body known as America will be DOA and its heart – the Church will cease to function.

Shall you aid the “body” in its will to live?  Only you – not your Pastor or Priest can make that decision.

Choose Wisely.

America the Great Experiment is Under Control of “Mad Scientists”

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