Hope Misplaced is a Dangerous Thing

We have all have heard by now about the tragedy that occurred in Tucson, AZ. As troubling as the incident was, what was more troubling was the place Obama was telling the nation to place their hope in.   By placing “Together We Thrive” T-shirts at a memorial service is not only inappropriate, its sets the dangerous precedent that the hope in ourselves is more desirable than the hope in God.  The Babylonians made the same mistake and found out the hard way that God is not to be disrespected.  This would be a non-issue in my opinion except for the overwhelming silence of the Church in America.  Why has there been no outrage that a head of State would turn a memorial service into a campaign platform for his own re-election?  Yet these “shepherds” would tell us “sheep” to “pray for our president”.

As a Christian who happens to be an American, I am not only saddened by the lack of our concern of what Obama did, but I am angry at those who are supposed to be the “guardians of our soul” who have in essence sold us out to the government so that they can keep their “business” going.  Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”  That not only applies to the “world” but it is especially prevalent in the Church in America as well.  We as a church body in America has become of nation of  “doers” instead of a nation of “thinkers”.  We are being told by our spiritual “leaders” what to do and not to question why we do it.  In short the Church in America have become a spiritual oligarchy.  For those who do not believe me, ask your Pastor/Priest this question:  “Why have I heard about the stewarding of my money and not the stewarding of my freedom from the pulpit”?  “Didn’t they both come from God”?  and watch their reaction.

We have been led to sleep by those who claim they speak for God, yet their actions say otherwise.  Likewise, we are equally as guilty for a having a low discernment.  By not being the “Bereans” that we should have been, we have been led down the primrose path of self-destruction – and have inadvertently taken the nation down with us.  We must wake up out of our spiritual slumber (for some of us it is a coma), wipe the “sleep” from our eyes and realize that without repentance to God we in the Church have doomed America to being reduced to a third-world nation, complete with all the ills and the lack of freedom that they have.

As I stated in previous posts, the hour is that late and the situation is that serious.  The only true hope we have is in Jesus Christ.  For leaders in the pulpit can not be trusted if they are not preaching the Word of God – line upon line, precept upon precept, – which would include the founding and stewarding of our rights and freedoms.  I would urge all who read this to leave your church if the leadership refuses to do this.  Judgment is coming and it always starts in the House of God.  Like order and repentance, judgment never starts from the bottom up, nor is it complete until the whole house is swept.

Let’s examine ourselves and find that our hope is in the right place.

Hope Misplaced is a Dangerous Thing

One thought on “Hope Misplaced is a Dangerous Thing

  1. Deborah Mouser says:

    Agreed! All the preachers want to talk about now is the money…tithing…and how we will prosper if we give to the church! They are afraid to make anyone mad…and will not speak out against the stealing of our freedoms as they could lose their “exemptions”!!!

    What I do not understand is all the Christian’s who say we aren’t supposed to get involved with politics!!! What?! Jesus sure didn’t mind taking on the Sadduccees and Pharisees, and they were the power house of the Jewish people!

    I can understand being quiet and obedient had we been an occupied land…some foreign leader taking over and no voice is allowed us. But we live in the United States! WE are the ones who determine who leads us….how in God’s name can we justify hiding our heads and crawling quietly into the night?! He put us here for a reason! He let us have this kind of government for a reason! Have we been good stewards of these gifts? NO. God forgive us…we’d better get our heads out of the sand and stop running from the devil…..he has our number.

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