2011: The Mark of a Decade, The Mark of the Church or The Mark of the Beast?


How fast the decade has flown by us.  it was only 10 years ago at this time the entire planet was waiting on baited breath to see if the world as we know it would stop functioning (Y2K).  Fast forward 10 years and the world once again is waiting to see if we would cease to function.  Although this time it is not so much from a technological point of view, as it is from a political, moral and most importantly a spiritual one.  The planet is slowly moving from policing our respective nation states into a global police state.  Only two things stand in the way:  The U.S. Constitution and the Church in America.

Why?  Because these two things go hand in hand.  The Constitution spells out our freedoms and the limitations of government.  The Church in America is the gatekeeper that has been entrusted by God to keep the Constitution functioning – not the politicians.  Now why would I say that?  While it is true that the politicians take the oath to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution, part of the role of the Church is to make sure they keep their oath.  Why?  Since our rights come from God, who better to ensure that those rights are stewarded correctly?   If one of them fails, the other will surely be held captive.  This is why freedom properly defined, is the right to do as you ought, not as you please.  For that to happen a standard – a sense of right and wrong must be established.  Standards must be anchored in truth.  That being said there is no higher truth found in human history than Biblical Truth.  When you examine the Constitution as well as Declaration of Independence objectively and with no presupposition, you can not come back with any other conclusion that the Founders believed that our rights come from God.  That we who name Jesus as Lord, are obligated to ensure that these rights are preserved for future generations.  Along with propagation of the Gospel, we the Church in America I believe, is mandated by God to make sure our Representatives – at all levels of government, maintain the Biblical standard of ethics and legislation.

Technologically speaking, in the last six months we have heard that an implantable microchip is available.  Inadvertently, there are Christians who do not  know their Bible and think that the chip itself is the “Mark of the Beast” (see Revelation 13:16-18).  Two things are keeping this from being the “Mark”.  First, the “beast” has not appeared on the world stage (and no, it is not Barack Obama).  Secondly the chipping of human beings at the time of this writing is voluntary, not mandatory as Revelation 13:16 describes.

As we the Church in America enter into 2011 we must make no mistake.  A mark will be made this year.  The question is what kind of mark will you as a believer will leave behind.  Will you be known as a person that was despised because you refused to do your job?  A person that conspired to abandon your job of maintaining Constitutional vigilance and leaving it up to someone else to do for you?  Or will you be known as a person who stood up for righteousness in the public square and the political arena; To be an inspiration to our countrymen that Biblical Truth is worth living for and that God ordained liberty is worth fighting for.


Choose wisely and quickly Church.  Only 364 days left before the rest of America decide which mark did we leave.

2011: The Mark of a Decade, The Mark of the Church or The Mark of the Beast?

3 thoughts on “2011: The Mark of a Decade, The Mark of the Church or The Mark of the Beast?

  1. Well said. As we speak the left is calling for its own revolution to change things, and as you know they will stop at nothing to further their agenda. I believe we will not just be fighting a spiritual battle, but a political one. If the church doesn't wake up, it will be caught in the "crossfire".

  2. Randy says:

    This post says every thing I wanted to say but could not put together! I truly believe if we don’t turn back to God our natoin is doomed to fall!

  3. Deborah Mouser says:

    Well said! The only thing I would add is that it is indeed a “spiritual” fight, as well as political! We can’t sit by and wait for someone else to do it for us…that’s OUR job! That’s why He put us here! If not us….who?! The politicians are deaf….they are blind…..We have been given eyes and ears by God Himself so that we are well enough armed to win this fight!

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