The Fusion of “TEA” and “T”


Unemployment racing toward 10%.  Homes going into foreclosure in record numbers.  Those remaining in their homes, owe more on the loan than the house is worth.  The government giving bailouts to banks with documented evidence, that they have made bad loan decisions.  Unidentified missiles being seen shot off our coasts.  Sworn enemies such as Iran, on the verge of having nuclear capability.  Being in a two theaters of war for nearly 10 years with no exit strategy (two wars that the Congress never declared by the way). Is it any wonder no one in America can be at rest any more?  

These, as well as many other reasons why the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party groups are being formed.  Even though the ideology have morphed from being just about taxes, to being a rallying point of bringing attention to the political and social ills of our nation.  Their movement is missing the most critical element to bring about the necessary change that they seek – the Church. 

When asked if they go to church many will pipe up and say, “Sure”!  However the numbers would be significantly smaller if you ask the same people, that do you know that church is not somewhere that you go, but rather who you are supposed to be?  I would not be surprised if a reaction of bewilderment came across their faces if that question was asked.  Why?  For decades those in the pew have been taught Sunday after Sunday, that only the ones behind the pulpit are “authorized” to do “church work”.  That if those in the pew wanted to help the church out, they need to help the poor, get involved with feeding and clothing programs, etc.  Let me be clear.  They is absolutely nothing wrong with those things.  They are so desperately needed in the time in which we live.  To say however that this is all the Church is supposed to do is incomplete, misleading, and dangerous. 

When I say dangerous, I mean dangerously short sighted.  We are saying by our actions as the Church in America – from the top down, we have no business being in the political process because our rights come from government and God is not interested in those things.  The Founding Fathers has a different viewpoint.  They said our rights do come from God, therefore no government can take them away.  That being said, if the government can’t take them away, it’s because the government only has the rights the people gave them in the first place. 

We the Church in America are called by God not only to preach the Gospel, bind up the broken hearted and declare liberty to the captive (see Isaiah 61), but we are also supposed to steward (see preserve) our rights and freedoms no differently than salt is supposed to preserve food from spoiling.  If the salt loses its effectiveness, it is rendered good for nothing, and to be tossed out and to be trampled underfoot by men (see Matthew 5:13).  This is precisely why the Church in America has been stepped on for more then the last 50 years.

Our time has come.  We need to break and shake off the shackles of political and religious bondage.  We need to restore in the short time that we have left, a canopy of freedom so that the Gospel can be preached, before the real dark times come.


Why is the “T” in the title?  Notice the letter the cross makes.  Without His sacrifice, everything we do is in vain.  With His direction and our obedience, America can become once again, TNT – Dynamite! 

The Fusion of “TEA” and “T”

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