Black Friday or the Black Horse: Which are You Looking For?

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  We told everyone in our circle of influence what we are “thankful” for.  Some say they are thankful for family and friends.  Some say they are thankful for having a job.  Some say they are just thankful just to be alive.  All those things are good and we should be thankful to God for providing all of those things for us.  However, it is what we as Americans in general and Christians in particular are really thankful for that concerns me. 

When I see people that line up around stores and face the bitter cold, and in some cases stay in front of a store all night just so they can get that the one item the store has on sale at a ridiculously low price, is beyond belief.  What is worse is that when the stores finally open, the behavior of our countrymen have sunken to such a low level, that they are willing to trample and even injure people just to get to that item.  My question would be how many of those people would go to church and worship God on Sunday morning, knowing that they were the same ones that stepped on the hand or the face of their fellow man on Friday morning?

Most of us have seen the video of such activity that goes on year after year and think it is no big deal.  Yet what we don’t understand is that this is a prelude of things to come.  While we don’t have physical martial law in here, we do have economic martial law in place.  With the passage of S.510 (read the bill here) in the Congress and the bill on its way to Obama’s desk to sign, the stampede won’t be at the local toy or electronic store, it will be at the local grocery store.  Why?  Because the economy will collapse, panic in the streets will ensue and people will fight for the most prized possession in an economic depression – food.  More valuable than gold at the time, people will be in the most desperate of situations and will attempt to survive any way they can, up to stealing from and even killing a person for a portion to eat.  That is when you know the Black Horse of the Apocalypse is here.  When it takes a day’s wages just to buy a loaf of bread, that’s when you know he is in control.

This is why the practical is just as – if not more important than the spiritual.  Has any believer ever wondered if the Gospel became illegal and that those you’re “preaching” to has not eaten in 3 days but you have no way of feeding them, will they listen to what you have to say?  This is the very situation we are facing in this country.  We now have a government in place that is on the verge of controlling every aspect of our lives. From what we can grow in our yards to the type of words you can use, are you willing to obey those laws of the land?

I can already hear the hyper spiritual crowd chanting, “God is in control”.  He is. However God is limited – yes limited, by YOUR CHOICE.  On November 2, God may have been with you in the voting booth, but you cast the vote.  No different than the men of the city who wanted a king instead God ruling over them (see I Samuel 8:5)  The time is NOW to repent AND ACT!  Don’t quote II Chronicle 7:14 until you are ready to ACT on Proverbs 29:2  Jesus said “Occupy until I come” (see Luke 19:13).  To occupy is a militaristic term which speaks of displacing the present people in control.  What have you done to do that?  Who have you educated, or did you just pray that “God’s will” be done?

You have heard me say this on previous entries and it bears repeating again:  We are at a crossroads In our nation.  Depending on our choice we will see God’s mercy toward us come down because our repentance went up toward Him first.  The alternative is that we the Church in America continues on with the “business as usual” mindset in our churches and communities thinking that “This is America, God would never allow that to happen”.  If we choose that path, we will find out in short order how miserable, poor, blind, wretched, and naked we really are. 

This is not a game Church.  The hour is that late and the consequences are that serious.  You will bow your knee to either the courts of this land that you chose, or the Court of Heaven that chose you. 


Keep your knee flexible.  In either realm you choose, you will be doing a lot of bowing.

Black Friday or the Black Horse: Which are You Looking For?

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