God’s Law or Martial Law: Which Will Rule Over Us?


Now that the elections are over and the “transition” teams are in Washington, D.C. working to give us the Congress we voted for, do we really know what we’re getting?   Did we actually turn away from the American version of socialism that Obama preached as a candidate and the Church in America did not catch on to because we were asleep, or is this the beginning of the awakening process followed by a reformation movement that would make the Black Robe Regiment preachers of the past proud?  Only time will tell. 

We are truly in the 11th hour (to me it feels like 11:55),  Where the freedoms that our Founders fought, bled, and died for is being handed over to a tyrannical government that has been in the making for over 100 years.  One of those very freedoms our Founders fought for is the ability to speak freely without government intrusion.  How ironic is it that have we’ve been told in our churches to “Obey the laws of the land”, yet when it comes to speaking on a political issue from the pulpit or even general conversation, why are we are too afraid to obey that one?  It can not be stressed enough that the freedoms we have and cherish in America are a gift from God and that we the Church in America are mandated by Him to steward those freedoms. 

A Senate bill has just passed out of committee and on its way for a vote on the floor.  It is known as the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act or S.3804 (You can view the bill here).  The purpose of the bill is to fight counterfeit goods and to protect intellectual property, which on its surface is a good thing.  However, the enforcement part of the bill is so vague that the Attorney General can shut down websites that can be classified as “infringing” on another’s persons rights.  Like all modern government laws, the burden of proof have shifted from the agency to the individual, and an immunity clause is provided so that the government can not be sued (see Section 2324 subsection 3). 

What does this mean?  A Pastor who preaches a message on sin and posts that message online could have the website shut down because a person’s emotions were infringed upon – which an activist judge could classify as “intellectual property”  and thereby the government would now have the ability to have a warrant issued and have the site shut down.  

What can we do now besides prayer?  Two things.  One, contact your U.S. Senator and them to vote “NO” on this bill when it comes to the floor.  Two, realize that this action comes from the Congress that WE – not God elected  and that this bill is designed to tighten the “noose” around our necks so that we will be dragged into a police state kicking and screaming or that we as the Church in America are thrown over the cliff of history and will be permanently disposed of. 

The solution: Find the sword (the Word of God)  and cut the rope of tyranny from around our necks, or face the reality that we have deceived ourselves, lied to our brothers and sisters in Christ, and the pledge, fight and lives of our Founders gave were for nothing.  Either way the choice is ours, not God’s.  Be prepared to live with this for all eternity. 


Choose wisely, Church.  The hour is late and yes, it is that serious.

God’s Law or Martial Law: Which Will Rule Over Us?

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