Is the “Famine” Over?


Now that the mid-term elections have concluded – amidst some documented incidents of voter fraud in some states; Where do we go from here?  Before I talk about where we are going, I think we need to examine where we are at and how we got here as a nation.

I think we can trace the starvation for godly leadership back to 1954 when then Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson had the IRS tax code amended stating that preachers can not endorse a candidate for public office or lose their tax-exempt status.  In my opinion, that was the year the spiritual famine had entered the land.  When the preachers complied with the government’s edict as to being told what to do instead of the preacher convincing (and at times convicting) us to tell the government what to do, we became the puppet that they wanted instead of the Church that God wanted. 

From that year to present day we have been comfortable as the Church in America to eat the asses’ head and dove’s dung (see II Kings 6:24-25) that the preacher served and the government mandated, that we should eat.  What is classified as “asses’ head and dove’s dung” in this modern age?  When you are more inclined to listen to teaching that tells you you’re “ok”, and that you are comfortable sitting in a pew hearing a sermon that sounds more like a self-help seminar rather than the convicting power of the Word of God, you might be eating asses’ head.   When the talk you surround yourself with is about what God has done in the past, instead how can God use us in the day in which we live in – (other than witnessing, of course) you may have gorged yourself on dove’s dung and not even know it.

What does this have to do with the elections?  Plenty.  Having a “changing of the guard” does not mean righteousness have been necessarily elected.  Remember, the “R” behind a candidate’s name stands for Republican, not righteousness.  When you examine the party’s voting record as a whole, the only difference between them and the Democrat’s is that they want to reach the same objective – only slower.   

Where do we go from here?  Although continued prayer for our country is desperately needed, the change that really needs to happen is in the mindset of the Church in America.  We need to examine what those in the pulpit teach us in the Word of God concerning how we are to live in this hour.  In other words, what you hear on Sunday morning at 11:00am should be a confirmation of when you talked to God last.  

Now that the “change” has occurred, will you hold those that you – not God elected accountable to Scriptural principles?  Will you Pastor, speak more frequently to the congregation regarding the stewardship of their rights and freedoms and not just their tithe?  Will we, the Church in America finally rise up in our “Esther” moment  and seize the day that is upon us now?  That we show the nation what righteous government could look like.  Always remember, it is easier to preach the Gospel under a canopy of freedom than a curtain of tyranny. 


So to answer the question, “is the famine over”?  That all depends on your choice.  If we decide as the Church in America to go back to sleep, the next question will be asked, “How would you like your asses’ head:  Baked, boiled or barbecued”?

Is the “Famine” Over?

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