God or a King: Which Do You Prefer?


Here it is, Sunday morning at 11:00am.  The Sunday before the mid-term elections in America.  The will be the first if not the second time you heard that it is your Christian “duty” to “vote the Bible” (the other possible time is the Sunday before or after Independence Day).  While it is true that you are to choose your candidates wisely as I have stated in previous posts, it should not be the first or second time you hear this from the pulpit.  We as Christians in America have the right established by God, privileged by our Constitution to choose candidates that reflect our Biblical values, not party affiliation or skin tone like we did in the last election.  I go into this further in Sign Post Ahead:  Bridge Out America.  This is an opportunity – possibly our last one, to correct the mistakes that we made in 2008.

We in the Church need to sober up and realize the fact we are in this situation because we chose to neglect our duties to steward the rights God has given us;  thinking it is “someone else’s job” to take care of our rights.   In reality, it is all of our jobs as Americans to do this.  However, it is the job as the Christian in America to set forth righteous policy in our country.  How is this to be accomplished?  It is through righteous and balanced preaching of the Word of God behind the pulpit as well as those in the pew adhering to it, that we the Christian are to be God’s instrument in setting forth this policy.  From choosing righteous candidates to holding those same candidates accountable after they’re elected, it is the Christian that is supposed to lead the charge in this arena.   To abandon this responsibility is to say we are willing to submit to a non-Biblical worldview, something the Christian should consider in this area of living sacrilegious.

I make no apologies about how harsh this may sound to some Christians, especially Pastors.  I have said it before and it bears repeating again:  If order flows from the top-down, repentance never flows from the bottom-up.  I fault the present situation in our country squarely on our (the Christian’s) shoulders.  We have abandoned our responsibility of stewardship of the weightier things of God in this country due to erroneous or just outright false doctrine coming out our pulpits every Sunday morning.  We as Believers failed to act like Bereans and search the Scriptures to make sure that the one preaching from the pulpit is preaching the whole counsel of God in a balanced, yet doctrinally accurate way.  At the same time the Pastor has elevated themselves to almost rock star, even god-like status, thinking that they are above question from the “little people”.   How do you know if I’m taking to you?  If you felt a twinge of anger or offense from my last statement – you’re the one.

As it is stated in I Samuel 8:5 the elders (those who have the ability to make a choice) said unto  Samuel:  “Make us a king to judge us like the other nations”  On Tuesday November 2nd, we have that same opportunity.  We shall either choose God to rule over us, or we shall choose a king.  Read I Samuel  8:6-16 to see what happens when the elders chose a king.


This may be our last time to choose our candidates as free people in America.  Choose wisely in this election or you will not read about what happened to the Disciples in Scripture – You’ll live it.

God or a King: Which Do You Prefer?

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