World Lawsuit on American Soil: How Eleven Countries Can Change American State Law

Just when I thought it could not get any worse, I find out how wrong I could be!  I thought I was in America.  A place where the Constitution would define the government’s limits and keep me safe.  I feel as if I have entered into some type of political “freak show”. Where the rule of law is tested by the whim of the individual, not the standard of the Constitution.  It is bad enough that Barack Obama has come to file a lawsuit against the State of Arizona because Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1070 into law (You can find the text of the law here).  Now you have 11 sovereign nations joining Obama and Eric Holder in suing the State of Arizona, its governor and its citizens for passing a law that is allegedly unconstitutional.

I have a question:  Since when did 11 foreign countries have the right to speak to; much less enter into litigation with the United States Government concerning an exclusive state’s rights issue?  The last time I checked, our state’s rights were designed for and by individuals who live in that state as to what is legal and what is not in that state. 

Once again, the question needs to be raised:  “Where’s the Church”?  This time they may have a personal interest in keeping silent.  Why?  Because the 11 countries:  Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Argentina typically have American missionaries in them preaching the Gospel.  What would happen to their safety if Church Pastors and leaders were to raise up a voice of opposition against their involvement in this litigation?  They would be in the position to either recall their missionaries and let their opposition to this illegal litigation be heard or stand silent and do nothing.

Those that called into five fold ministry leadership, you have the toughest choice you will have to make to date:  Because of your lack to mobilize action to hold the government accountable from the pulpit, you will have to make the unfortunate choice of sacrificing your missionaries or sacrificing your country.  For in this perilous time that we all live in, you have painted us into a corner.  That unless God intervenes and demonstrates His sovereignty over the Earth, all hope is truly lost.

This is the end result of keeping silent on holding our government accountable every Sunday while you preach to us on bringing in the tithe every Sunday.  It shows us in no uncertain terms where your priorities lie.  The weightier issues such as the freedoms that God has called us to steward, you have ignored while all the while preached to us on the temporary comforts of ease in this life.  We now have the unfortunate task should the Lord tarry, of passing trillions of dollars of debt to our children and grandchildren. At the same time being confined to an economic, social and political prison for which death or the Rapture are our only two forms of escape. If you call the nation to repentance from the pulpit, remember this:  If order always flows from the top-down, repentance never flows from the bottom-up. 


Show us the “Carpet Grab Dance” before you tell us do it.

World Lawsuit on American Soil: How Eleven Countries Can Change American State Law

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