A Call Has Been Given…Will We Respond?

I watched the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington, D.C. yesterday.  What I saw was nothing short of amazing.  A true miracle of God.  Why?  In an terrible economy that we are in with unemployment nationally hovering around 10% (that’s 30 million people out of a job),  People from around the country and even some from overseas flown, driven, or used whatever means of transportation they had available to get to D.C. and became apart of a this event.  The focal point of this event was not so much America’s politics as it was returning America back to God.

In Martin Luther King’s 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech you would notice that there very little people of “non-color” there.  While in stark contrast, all colors and people groups were represented at the rally.  In short, where the seeds of the dream had been planted in 1963, they have finally broken through the top soil in 2010.  Is there still room to grow?  Of course!  Now it is up to the “tree” to reach toward the “Son”.  The source of where the tree gets its nourishment and strength, and the arborist (the Church) to keep the tree growing straight.

In no other time in history where a nation has so desperately cried out to God, has God answered the cry like He has done on that day.  The question is;  Now that the cry has been given and God had responded, what do we do with it?  Shall we in the Church view and treat this as an event, a religious/political “concert” of sorts or a Divine “Call to Action”?

I believe this was a call to action for the Church of America.  After the rally, Americans hearts and minds were and are focused on returning back to God.  It is our job to show them how.  For if we don’t seize the moment and and explain to them that turning back to God includes prayer, but it is not limited to prayer. That the turning includes the stewarding of our time, talent, finances, and yes, our vote. If that message is not communicated clearly to our countrymen of the what God expects out of us, then hope will truly lost, the Church will be relegated as nothing more than a “sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal”, and this nation will usher in the very opposite of what our Founders pledged, fought, bled and died for.  This nation will become a police state.

It is up to all of us who don the “black robe” in our hearts and mount a pulpit – be it physical or electronic, to speak the truth according to Scripture without fear or favor to man nor government.  It is our mandate by God to show those in our pews that He is the one that we need to please.  That everything on the Earth needs to be a reflection in Heaven – including our governments.  It is when we as spiritual leaders begin to do this, we will have our sin forgiven and our land healed.

The call has been sounded.  Will You be the answer?

A Call Has Been Given…Will We Respond?

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