Elections Have Consequences


When a majority of a political party gets in power – particularly ones that we like, we think everything in our country will go “The way it should be”.   We thought that way in 1976 after the Watergate scandal.  We thought that way in 1980 after the 52 American hostages were freed in Iran.  We even thought that way as recently as 2008 when Obama took office.  The problem is that we the people continually overlook the one thing that will keep our country safe, prosperous, and able to defend itself – the leader’s character. 

A leader’s character says as much about the leader as it does about the people who elect them.  What does the election of Barack Obama have to say about us as a people?   As an observer and commentator I think it says quite a few things:

  • We are attracted to the superficial.
  • We enjoy the comfort of ease rather than the work of planning.
  • We would rather be entertained than enlightened.
  • We loathe critical thought.
  • We hate accountability.
  • Most of all, we think that standards are subjective and not absolute.

It is because we as Americans have distanced ourselves from the absolute truths of the Word of God and to a great degree how our Founding Fathers viewed, perceived, and acted on what the Bible teaches.  Because of this, we now find ourselves in a social, moral, and political cesspool.  This is no different than the son who spent his inheritance on riotous living and would wind up in the pig pen serving the very thing he was taught to avoid (see Luke 15:11-32). 

We as a nation are that son.  Like that son, we must have an epiphany or in Biblical terms come to ourselves, and return to our Father – God.  We have proven to the world that our “fall from grace” wasn’t because we “had it coming”.  It was because we chose to walk towards a cliff and deceived ourselves thinking that we can walk on thin air without God’s help.  How mistaken we have been.  If we as a nation, now being on the ground where the world can look, snicker and jeer at us, call on God for forgiveness and display genuine repentance, God would then raise us up.  He would not do this to prove that we can do anything, but that He can do everything. 


As Abraham Lincoln called this nation into repentance, so we should call our political and spiritual leaders to do the same.  Always remember that repentance, like authority never flows from the bottom up.

Elections Have Consequences