Prayers Were Answered, but Lack of Action was the Response

One thing we have been admonished in the Church is that we research and vote for the candidate whose track record or promises mirror the closest to Scripture.  That day of action came last Tuesday.

A number of states last week had their primaries.  One of those states was California.  A very tight race between Tom Campbell, Carly Fiorina, and Chuck De Vore.  While Campbell, and Fiorina were known for their fiscal conservatism as well as their social liberalism, only Chuck was not only a fiscal conservative but a social conservative as well. 

The question I have for the Church in California is that if the prayer of God was the raising up a candidate so that you can vote for had materialized on Tuesday June 8, 2010, why  did you not vote for Chuck?  Lets run through the checklist:

    • Chuck believes in Jesus
    • Chuck believes in children having a right to live inside the womb.
    • Chuck believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.
    • Chuck believes a government should live within its means and not become a burden to the taxpayer.
    • Chuck stepped down as the Minority Whip (a very prestigious position) due to actions in his party that were against his character.

All of these traits plus a host of others that we as believers were looking for, Chuck possessed.  Yet sadly, you chose Carly over him.  Is it the fact that Sarah Palin endorsed Carly (remember, Carly was her campaign manager in her Vice Presidential run in 2008)?   Is the lie that was perpetrated and you believed that you must compromise your beliefs “a little bit” in order for the party to take back “control”? 

As a Believer our mission is not to put a party back in control, our mission is to put God back in control.  I know that the religious response is, “God is always in control”.  As I stated in my post last week,  “If you voted in the last election, there was no place for you to kneel in the voting booth.  You took a “stand” and made a choice”. The Holy Spirit  did not push the button, pull the lever, or punched the card.  You did that.  Since you did that, you will have to live with this choice.  The saddest part of this commentary is that those who did chose wisely will  have to live with your choice also. 


You cry out for deliverance from evil politicians, however, when a godly candidate is presented, you choose evil. So, the next time you get affected by the evil plans of the ungodly, then you have no right to complain. How can you say you want deliverance when it is presented and you chose to stay bound?


Answer to  prayer make not come in the most shiniest, slickest, or most appealing package.  Sometimes answer to prayer comes in the most ordinary of wrappings.  This election has told me that the level of  discernment in the Church is very low.  At this juncture, all I can hope for is the either candidate whether its Boxer or Fiorina, will not further the destruction of this state or nation.  2012 is fast approaching.  We need to raise our level of discernment up and have it honed to a razor sharp edge before it is truly too late for our country. 

Prayers Were Answered, but Lack of Action was the Response