From Oil to Israel: How Long Will We Ignore God?


In the first five months of this year,  we as a nation have been affected by earthquakes, floods, a volcanic eruption and now a gigantic oil slick with no immediate remedy in sight.  While the Church may point to this as being signs of the end – as it very well may be,  I see it not only as possibly being that, but more so as a judgment  from God. 

Why?  Because I see both our spiritual and political  leadership thumbing their collective noses at God.  Saying, “We are Americans“.  “We can get through anything”.   This type of posturing towards God put this nation in general and the Church in particular on very dangerous ground with God.  You can tell a lot about a nation based on what they love, rather than what they hate:

  • We love to think we are all-sufficient.
  • We love to think we are right all the time.
  • We love our money.
  • We love our games.
  • We love our pleasure.

These were all the signs that ancient Rome displayed before they fell.  The only difference is that the government has not exercised its full weight and authority to persecute Christians – yet.  As it has been stated before, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The Church STILL have not learned 5 years after Katrina that prayer and fasting alone will not get this country back on track. We must learn to put the Lord first, instead the politician or the congregant first.   For that to happen you must love what He loves and hate what He hates.  As an example, the Lord loves Israel.  So why would you allow your congregants to elect people into public office that have gone on public record via word or action that they hate Israel?  

To prove this, a prophet named Lance Lambert gave a prophecy regarding more serious judgments coming.  He gave this prophecy on April 18, 2010.  Two days later the BP oil spill happened.  The judgments on America will become greater in intensity.  The only way judgments can be stopped is that those who are called into leadership in the Church recognize what you have done and let the congregation SEE you fall on your face and repent before God.  They in turn will follow your lead. 

It is time for the Black Robe Regiment to be reconstituted and to stand up and protect the rights and privileges that God has afforded us.  We no longer can take an indifferent point of view of government – regardless if you are in the pulpit or the pew, you are being charged by God to take action.  Do not make the mistake of saying to yourself or others, “The only action I have to take is on my knees”.  That is an outright lie and a cop out. If you voted in the last election, there was no place for you to kneel in the voting booth.  You took a “stand” and made a choice.  That choice is coming around again in June for the primary and in November for the general election.  We as a nation have been in anguish and under judgment for the last 18 months.  If you make the wrong choice this time around , you can not claim deception.  You can not claim the influence of evil.  You can only claim that you want a king to rule over you just like the men of the city did (see I Samuel 8:5).  


Your choice in the elections this year will be an eternal testament to God and to yourself, who do you really want in control of your life – God or government?  Choose Wisely.  It will be the most important and possibly the last choice you will make as a free person.

From Oil to Israel: How Long Will We Ignore God?