Are You a Bridge Builder or a Bridge Burner?

When you thought you “heard it all” coming from this Congress,  there are some things that actually pleasantly surprise you.  As you already know that Barack Obama has treated the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu with the absolute utmost contempt.  To the point where Obama said, “ I’m going to have dinner with the girls.  Let me know if anything changes’.  This action has truly set this country up for the ramifications of Genesis 12:3.

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann also talked about this very verse of Scripture back in February of this year.  It seems that now 76, that’s right 76 Senators have signed a letter to normalize relations with Israel.   Below is the actual letter drafted by Senator Barbara Boxer and  Senator  Johnny Isakson:

Dear Secretary Clinton:

We write to urge you to do everything possible to ensure that the recent tensions between the U.S. and Israeli administrations over the untimely announcement of future housing construction in East Jerusalem do not derail Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations or harm U.S.-Israel relations. In fact, we strongly believe that it is more important than ever for Israel and the Palestinians to enter into direct, face-to-face negotiations without preconditions on either side.

Despite your best efforts, Israeli-Palestinian negotiations have been frozen for over a year. Indeed, in a reversal of 16 years of policy, Palestinian leaders are refusing to enter into direct negotiations with Israel. Instead, they have put forward a growing list of unprecedented preconditions. By contrast, Israel’s prime minister stated categorically that he is eager to begin unconditional peace negotiations with the Palestinians. Direct negotiations are in the interest of all parties involved – including the United States.
We also urge you to reaffirm the unbreakable bonds that tie the United States and Israel together and to diligently work to defuse current tensions. The Israeli and U.S. governments will undoubtedly, at times, disagree over policy decisions. But disagreements should not adversely affect our mutual interests – including restarting the peace process between Israel and her neighbors and preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

From the moment of Israel’s creation, successive U.S. administrations have appreciated the special relationship between our two nations. Israel continues to be the one true democracy in the Middle East that brings stability to a region where it is in short supply. Whether fighting Soviet expansionism or the current threats from regional aggression and terrorism, Israel has been a consistent, reliable ally and friend and has helped to advance American interests. Similarly, by helping keep Israel strong, the United States has helped to reduce threats to Israel’s security and advance the peace which successive Israeli governments have so avidly sought.

It is the very strength of our relationship that has made Arab-Israeli peace agreements possible, both because it convinced those who desired Israel’s destruction to abandon any such hope and because it gave successive Israeli governments the confidence to take calculated risks for peace. As the Vice President said during his recent visit to Israel: “Progress occurs in the Middle East when everyone knows there is simply no space between the U.S. and Israel.” Steadfast American backing has helped lead to peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan.

We recognize that our government and the Government of Israel will not always agree on particular issues in the peace process. But such differences are best resolved amicably and in a manner that befits longstanding strategic allies. We must never forget the depth and breadth of our alliance and always do our utmost to reinforce a relationship that has benefited both nations for more than six decades.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Boxer 
United States Senator

Johnny Isakson                                                                                 United States Senator

What I find amazing is that over 3/4 of U.S. Senate can find worth and value in Israel to care about and stand up for her.   This is an instance where the children of darkness are wiser than the children of light.

We in the Church can’t even agree if God is done with Israel (by the way, He isn’t).  Yet keep in mind, these are the same people who passed Obamacare  so that Obama can sign for it.  It is time for the Church to wake up.  Doing one good deed is not justification for them to keep their office in November.  We must be a repairer of the breach, a restorer of the waste places.  We must rebuild our foundation that this country was built on. 

To put it bluntly, judgment from God on our nation came  November 4, 2008.  The day we the people desired a king instead of following God.  It is with deep sadness I would say if we as a nation do not vote in righteous people to rule over us on November 2, 2010,  we may cease to exist as a nation. 

As is was on December 7, 1941 so it may be on November 2, 2010 – A date which will live in infamy.  The only difference between the two dates is the December one we did not choose.

Choose Wisely.

Are You a Bridge Builder or a Bridge Burner?