Greece is the Word!


A few days ago, I was thinking about the movie “Grease” made in 1978.  It starred John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.  The setting was an American High School in the 1950’s.  If you can think back to the “innocence” of the time, it kind of makes you want to chuckle inside. This was a time where smoking cigarettes and flipping your collar up on your jacket meant to regular society that their world is was on the brink of a cultural collapse.  Fast forward 32 years later, and you find that Greece is no laughing matter.

For decades Greek citizens have been enjoying economic socialism – cradle to the grave benefits that everyone else around you paid for.  While in turn through higher taxes and less earnings for yourself, you paid for everyone else benefits as well.  There’s only one problem with the system:  The benefits come from the Greek government.  Since the government does not manufacture anything,  it can not generate a profit.  If you cant generate a profit, you’re not a business, you’re a charity. The money to sustain the benefits have to come from somewhere.  Where does the government go? to individuals and corporations and collect the money in the form of higher taxes.  If people and companies leave, the benefits still continue.  The only difference is that those remaining will pay higher taxes.  Eventually the money will run out.  When it did as it happened in Greece recently, the people walked off their jobs.  Let’s face it.  Nobody is wiling to work for free.

You may be asking right now, “What does all of this have to do with me”?  To put it simply, where Greece is, America is on the same road and the car (government) carrying the economic engine has the accelerator almost to the floor.  While our politicians and our Pastors are too busy looking in the rearview mirror primping themselves for the next photo-op or video shoot, the car is careening out of control heading dangerously close to the sign that says “Bridge Out”.  I wrote about this spiritually and culturally speaking in “Sign Post Ahead: Bridge Out America” and  politically  on “We Have Passed the Signpost.  Brace Yourself for the Cliff Ahead”.  Now we are at the final barricade that is keeping our country from going over the cliff.  If you call yourself a Christian, the time is now to get up and fight.  Tell your friends. Tell your Pastor.  Tell your Priest.  Tell all those who are willing to listen, this the wrong time to be passive.  I am very aware that God is in control.  However, the one thing Almighty God, Ruler of the universe can not control is:  Your choice.


I have said this before and it bears repeating here:  Check your government before the government checks you.  If we go under as a nation who do the other nations turn to?  To make this point a little closer to home, we the Church in America are the righteous ones responsible to build the foundations of this country that is supposed to be based on the Word of God.  Ask yourself this question as it is asked in Psalms 11:3  “If the foundations are destroyed, what will the righteous do”?

Greece is the Word!

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