Get Out of the Clique and into the Game


Here it is May 2010.  The warnings have been loud and clear that the judgment of God is eminent and is happening at the same time.  From Obama bowing to other heads of State.  To him saying we are no longer a Christian nation.  From him not attending the National Day of Prayer.  To a  Wisconsin federal judge ruling that said day is unconstitutional.  We are nation under siege:  Politically, economically, culturally, and most importantly, spiritually.   Why?    How we view things (e.g. Biblical worldview) shape the culture, shapes how we do business, and shapes what we determine what is considered right and wrong in government and society at large.   

When each of these instances are addressed to the Church Leadership what is their response?  Pray for our President, Pray for our Courts.  When will we learn that prayer – While it is sorely needed, while it is truly necessary.  Prayer by itself is not enough.   Yes, we need to not only shout the message “Jesus is Lord”  but  we need to shout “Our government belongs to Him” also.  Then once the message is uttered, we need to act on it.

How do we act on it?  Scripture says, “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”  (See II Timothy 2:15).  This not only means that Scripture is preached correctly in the pulpit.  This also means that  you apply Scripture correctly in your everyday living.  This would include how you vote and holding politicians accountable for their character that’s in them and the promises they made, which is why you cast your vote for them in the first place.  It is accountability from you and conviction from God that will cause the politician to toe the line.  Conviction from God will not come to the ungodly, so why would you vote for them?  When the ungodly do make it into office, why would pray for them to make Godly decisions when they can’t hear God in the first place?  I am very aware of that Scripture says, “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.  For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour (See I Timothy 2:1-3) 

However, when you look at the political context, none of these people were elected.  Therefore, you did not have a choice whether they ruled over you or not.  So if you wanted to live, praying for them would be a good thing.  We in America have a choice of who to rule over us.  From the President to the school board Trustee and everywhere in between.  Since God created government and our system installs leaders via elections and not by edict,  the stewardship of our government does not fall on God.  It falls squarely on our shoulders.  We pray for His direction, but the choice and the accountability for that choice is all on us.  Ask yourself when was the last time you heard that on Sunday Morning?   

There are many in the Church that took God’s gift called the vote and squandered it on a candidate that looked like them.  Who had a party affiliation the same as them.   Yet sadly, these candidates did not have the same values as them and we were too blind to see it.  In November we have the opportunity to make it right.  Regardless of what the Pastor says to you personally or in the pulpit corporately, we have an obligation to find candidates that reflect a Biblical worldview.  We are then mandated by God to seek them out, pray them in , then vote them in.    


The choice is yours:  Stay with your Pastor and the rest of the church clique and do nothing.  Or get in the game and exercise your freedom and your vote before both of them are taken away from you.

Get Out of the Clique and into the Game

5 thoughts on “Get Out of the Clique and into the Game

  1. Amen! We have a voice for a reason. Words are valuable. God SPOKE the world into existance. Our voice can be heard but we need to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! People died to give us this freedom and to not exercise that right would speak to every one who laid down their life " you didn't matter" without even opening our mouths. Will you speak with your action that bring LIFE or death, You do have a choice!Love you Gerald, Thanks again for truth spoken. keep it coming! Mary

  2. We must pray for our leaders, this is true. My problem is especially in the last couple of years is not just just the pastors failing to preach the truth, but the congregations responsibility to educated themselves and one another.I mean, as we saw in '08, the ignorance of the American voter, who are now having buyers remorse.

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