First of a Three Part Series: For Such a Time as This

Style Over Substance: The Fight in the Church

Over the last 40 years or so, we the Church have a developed a “Me Too”  mentality.  When the world has nice buildings we said “Me Too” and we built them.  When the world drives nice cars we said, “Me Too”, and we bought and drove them.  We are more in tuned with our five senses than the Truth of the Word of God.  In essence we have moved from being an ecclesia that gets its identity based on the way we think, to a Body based on how we feel.  I do not have an issue with having nice things.  It is when the things have us they become the stumbling block, instead of the stepping stone they were designed to be.

So it is with the preached Word of God.  It has become a stumbling block because we have abandoned how the Word makes us think and embraced how the Word makes us feel.  This is why seeker-sensitive churches are all the rage instead of doctrinally correct ones.  We are drawn to the appeal of our five senses of telling us we are “ok”, rather than being convicted of sin by the presence of the Holy Spirit.  It is by this very process the Church can draw a large crowd, but no change has taken place in the hearts and minds of the congregation.

Since the inception of our country,  the church house has been a place of not only a reservoir of God’s word, but where public policy was to be shaped and patterned.  The preacher was regarded as one of the most prestigious offices a person could hold. The steeple made the church building one of, if not the tallest building in a town as a memorial that the townspeople held God above all else.  As a result, we have enjoyed very little military and civil upheaval as compared to other countries in world history, in addition to great economic expansion.  To that end we as a nation by employing this great experiment to include God as the center of our nation, and in conjunction to purposely limit the encroachment of government on its citizens has not only defied conventional wisdom, it is the secret to our success.

Please understand this piece is not an opine to some “Old time religion”.  Rather, this should be viewed as a mirror to Church leadership as well as to ourselves.  Is what we are doing everyday – not just Sundays and Wednesdays, permeating the culture to a level that His conviction causes people to change?  Or is the Gospel which God defines as Holy, been watered down and viewed as common to such a degree that anyone with a pulse is deemed a Christian?  This is a question all of us would need to ask.  First as the author of this piece and then to you, the reader.  Next, those that we consider family and friends.  Lastly, those we meet in everyday life.


When we all can answer this question truthfully and begin to make the necessary adjustments, then we will elect the correct candidates for public office which will be based the Scriptural Truth instead of being lead by a feeling.  If the Lord should tarry in His coming and the change becomes permanent, we won’t have to guess on what Heaven would look like, we would see it here.

First of a Three Part Series: For Such a Time as This

One thought on “First of a Three Part Series: For Such a Time as This

  1. Very good. I have seen these same changes in our society through the past several years. I was angry and scared when God was removed from most of our public life, then realized that we are simply fulfilling prophesy and the Lord's plan.keep up the good work. Spreading the true word of God is the calling of God's true church. 😉

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