Tea’s On, But Where is the Church?


April 15th is soon approaching.   Americans are getting their affairs in order in able to pay tribute (taxes) to Caesar (the U.S. government).  While there is a flurry of activity in tax offices and home offices around the country,  I am reminded of why the TEA party movement got started.  The TEA in TEA party stands for Taxed Enough Already.  These are ordinary people like you and me,  who had enough with “obeying the laws of the land”.   They were reminded about what our country really stood for:  Freedom to choose a path based on their decision, not their social or economic status.  Freedom to choose how much or how little generosity they displayed to those in need.  Most importantly, the freedom to worship and serve God how they choose.  When the first two freedoms are being encroached on, the TEA party sprang into activism.  As the last freedom is being stripped away,  the Church in America is eerily silent. 

Our freedom to worship God as Scripture calls for is the glue that holds our nation together.  Our responsibility as the Church is to show the nation how the “glue” is supposed to be applied.  The glue is supposed to be present in all areas, but especially in government.  Because the glue is conspicuously absent in this area, the “papers” of righteousness have no way of sticking together and will inevitably fall apart.   As much as prayer is needed, as much as fasting is encouraged, it is only by action will the rest of America understand Who is the tie that binds us together. 

Benjamin Franklin opened up the Constitutional Convention with this prayer:  “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.  Unless the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh (stays awake) but in vain” (See Psalm 127:1).  He understood the one thing the Church in America continues to miss:  Regardless if it is the church house or the White House it is the Lord that builds it.

We must as a nation return to the founding principles of our Fathers.  For their foundation is the Word of God and God of the Word.  In the day in which we live, our foundation is crumbling and in decay.  That decay can be found all areas:  Economically, Morally, and Spiritually.  For Scripture says  “If the foundations are destroyed what will the righteous do”? (see Psalms 11:3)  it is long overdue that we the righteous examine the decay, root it out and with God’s direction, rebuild the foundation of our nation.

In order to build anything correctly the plans must be understood and followed.  God has left us a blueprint (the Bible).  He has instructed all of to act as a “Forman” and build His house.   However, it seems that the blueprint have been banned from being used and the house is being constructed “freehand”.  This is the precise reason why the nation is frustrated, fearful, and angry because the construction office (the church) has been hijacked by individuals who may a degree in construction (Theology), but can’t (or won’t) read the plans right and have installed the toilet (those that are a detriment to our health) on top the roof (government).  Since the installation of the plumbing (direction) is not understood, this is the reason why we have waste all over the front of our house.  As a result, we are emitting a stench our neighbors can’t stand, and we are getting sick because the waste has not been properly disposed of.


It is time for the remnant in the Church to retake the construction office, don “bunny suits” (the Lord’s protection and ability) and clean up the mess.  In addition to that, we must crack open the blueprint again and reconstruct this house so that we can add the beauty of the Lord to the neighborhood.

Tea’s On, But Where is the Church?