Health Care for all or Freedom for None?


We as Americans have been debating healthcare reform for more than a year.  Regardless of whether the debate takes place in the school house, the church house, or in the Capitol, it has been on the minds and lips of all of us. 

It has been revealed that our representatives voted on legislation that they haven’t read. It has also been revealed that these same representatives are exempt from the very law that they created for us.   Obama has signed this bill into law.  The benefits of this bill are “back loaded”, meaning you will receive any of them after a certain amount of time passes.  The reason for that is you will have to pay for them up front in the form of higher taxes now. Obama has said publically that his intent is to systematically change our form of government.  Thereby changing how we do, think, and act as a people. 

In this bill, he has even gone to the length of instituting a “draft” (see HR 3590 Section 5210 subsection 203)  where YOU can be “called up” without notice or warning and sent to assist in an “medical emergency” regardless if it occurs on domestic or foreign soil (See subsections 203, paragraphs C and D on pages 1314 and 1315).   Since Pastors admonish us to “Obey the laws of the land”, are they telling us to obey this law also?  A law that has the possibility of tearing families apart.  What if an “emergency” breaks out in Argentina and Afghanistan at the same time?  The parents would then be separated and one goes to each respective country, who takes care of the children? A perfect opportunity for the State to seize them and mold them into their image instead of God’s.

We as a nation and as a people are truly in a crisis state:  Spiritually, Morally, Politically, and Economically.  Only God Himself can get us out this mess.  Not because He’s God and He can do anything, but because we have ignored our freedoms and trampled on the rights given to us by Him.  We have been led astray by both political and spiritual leadership that has taught us through their word and demonstration that the stewarding of the rights and freedoms God gave us is not necessary. 


Can we as a nation turn this around with our repentance and God’s help and direction?  To quote Obama, “Yes We Can”!  It is time for the citizens of this country in general and the Church in particular to rise up and rehabilitate our government to serve us, before the sickly state of our government debilitates us into a collective slavery where it becomes the master of us all.

Health Care for all or Freedom for None?

One thought on “Health Care for all or Freedom for None?

  1. Right on! It is not just necessary that we stand up and oppose this legislation and this administration (including Pelosi and Reid) but that we repent. Specifically, we must repent of our seeking government solutions, instead of Gods solutions. We must repent of seeking man/government and not God. Just as the Hebrews rejected God when they wanted a king, so we are rejecting God when we want government to take care of us.

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