Are You the Mop or the Mess?


Being human we all make mistakes.  But its not the mistakes we make that shows responsibility, it’s what we do with it.  When we spill a drink on the floor, we have the choice of leaving it there for someone else to clean it up, or we can stoop down and clean it up ourselves.   As it is with us domestically, it is no different politically. 

The Church in America have a created many messes.  We have created the mess of ignorance in our pews to the point that you would be hard pressed to find 20% of any given congregation that can concisely explain what a Biblical worldview is.  At the same time you would just as hard pressed to find less than 50% of the same congregation who could not tell you who was on American Idol last week.  I go into more of that in “Who Should be the REAL American Idol”.  It’s no wonder the world views us as “the Party of NO”, because we haven’t adequately explain what we say “Yes” to.  To the “churched” person the obvious answers would be Jesus, the Bible, and prayer.  Ask the average pew warmer how do those three things integrate into our society to make it better, they would be at complete loss for words.  Whoops!  Another mess!  Why?  The average pew warmer has been conditioned, “If I can get this person to church and have them hear my Pastor, they will understand what I mean”. 

Scripture specifically calls for you to give an answer to the hope that is within you (See I Peter 3:15).  Not the hope within your Pastor.  If anything, your Pastor should be the “echo” to your voice.  Not the other way around.  In order to be able to “clean this up” you must have a Biblical worldview in addition to a proper working  knowledge of U.S. History.  Primarily, what our Founding Fathers said, and how they thought.  It is when we as believers do this, we will begin to take our country back.  Back from the precipice of political oblivion.  Back by pulling ourselves out the social and moral cesspool we have been immersed in for decades.  We will see the truth as it is; thereby being able to walk in its marvelous light.


The choice is overwhelmingly clear.  You can lay there as the mess and hope that someone will clean you up, or you can be the mop and get busy! 

Are You the Mop or the Mess?

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