Do We Learn From History, or Do We Repeat It?

As I was going through my routine this week, I stumbled upon something very strange, yet frightening.  I came across a video on YouTube of Congressman Ron Paul talking about Tyranny in America Here is the video:

After watching this video, I am reminded of those who warned against Hitler,  and how the population ignored him.  Those who spoke against Lenin and Stalin, and how the population ignored them.  These type of warnings can be traced throughout history. They can even be traced all the way back to the days of the Bible.  Where righteous people who loved their countrymen and their country stood up and told the population, “Stop!”  “Repent!”  “Turn Back!”  Sadly, the population did not listen.  They did not listen in Noah’s day.  They did not listen in John the Baptist’s day.   I wrote an entry a few months back called “Pick A Side, The Lord Already Has” in which I warned the Church that this day was coming and that we must in essence check our government before the government checks us.

We now we have a sitting U.S. Congressman in the Well of the House of Representatives stating that assassination plans for targeted American Citizens (see Christians and Conservatives and all others who speak against the evil in our government that we chose to elect) are underway.   Yet we in the American Church still go on “business as usual”.  Going to our churches on Sundays and Wednesdays to do our religious exercises.  Coming out of the services “pumped”.  Ready to take on the devil wherever he may hide.  All the while the devil laughs, and relegates the threat of the American Church as terrifying as shooting fish in a barrel.

Don’t get me wrong.  God has His remnant.  Two things about His remnant you must know is this:  They don’t fit the stereotypical mold of what a “Christian” is.  They also don’t fit the stereotypical mold of what a “Christian” does.  In other words, they don’t look for a place of “revival”.  The Holy Spirit already put that in them.   They look for an opportunity to demonstrate it.  Where the American Church continually miss it, is that the thought of revival only comes in a spiritual form in the way of evangelism of the unbeliever and repentance of the believer.  Most of them don’t think that Kingdom comes through the transformation of our culture which influences our schools, our businesses, and yes our government.

America is at a crossroads.  Do we take the rocky road less traveled, and learn from history?  Or do we stay stuck in our complacency, arrogant in our intelligence, and take the well worn road that those in history have taken. Thinking it will lead us to a great mountain of peace and truth.  Not knowing that around the corner, the road abruptly ends and we fall off the cliff into a sea of chaos surrounded by the skeletons of people in history who chose not to listen also.  The end result of their folly stands before us a graphic reminder not to make the same mistake.

Do We Learn From History, or Do We Repeat It?