A Talking Head or a Discerning Spirit


I watched Glenn Beck’s keynote address at CPAC.  I was impressed by what I heard.  He cited American History quite often to back up his case.  He even recognized that our rights come from God.  What he doesn’t say – not that I expect him to is this:  What did the Founding Fathers say regarding God and government?  I briefly talk about that in “Freedom Isn’t Free.  A Price Has to be Paid”.  to that end, I have a few questions:

  • Why does this “revelation” of where our rights come from have to be announced from a political convention instead of the House of God?
  • Why are we being admonished to take an account of our time and our money, but rarely (if ever) our vote?  Don’t they all come from God?
  • How come when discussions on political matters are brought up, party affiliations instead of the Word of God become the focus?

These questions as well as many others like these, are in the minds of many believers.  Yet sadly, there is no real world forum that believers can bring their concerns to without facing some type of religious persecution – be it from their peers or the authority they have submitted themselves to.   If we are not honest with each other and feel safe enough to air our political opinions – right or wrong in the House of God, how can we win an unsaved, unregenerate world to Christ when we have disharmony of what a true Biblical worldview is?  


Biblical harmony does not mean we “get along” with each other.  What it does mean is that we are strong enough in Him to defend the Faith from all comers, inside and out of the Body.  Yet we are humble enough, when proven through Scripture that when we are shown that our view is  wrong we can apologize, ask for forgiveness and learn from each other.   The bottom line is that we don’t become a “talking head”, but have a discerning spirit.

A Talking Head or a Discerning Spirit

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