Freedom Has Become Yesterday’s News


There are some things that should be valued and cherished above all others.  We as Americans has valued and cherished freedom for over 200 years.  In that time we have shown the world through word and through deed, that freedom is to be treated as vow in a marriage: To love, honor, and cherish until death do you part.  At this point in time, I find that our freedom in on its death bed. 

Where you have Obama doing all he can to wreck the country politically, socially and economically, The TEA Party Movement along with other individuals and groups, are struggling trying to get it back. In all of the civil struggle that is going on, where do you find the Church?  On the sidelines trying to be like Moses;  praying,  but without the mountain (see Exodus 17:8-12)  The problem is not that the Church has been praying.  The problem is the overwhelming majority of the Church thinks they are either Moses, Aaron, or Hur.  The reality is that the majority of the Church should act like Joshua – taking the fight to the enemy and winning. 

As I stated in, “Patriotism Lit the Fuse, but Repentance and Revolution Started the Fire”  We need to rediscover ourselves.  It is in rediscovering ourselves, we would find that the primary freedom that  should be cherished above all others is this:  Religious Freedom.  It is precisely this freedom, that is on the verge of expiring.  You would ask yourself, How is this possible?  It is possible when a Pastor in a mall can talk about God to three people – who consented to the conversation, then have the Mall Police arrest the Pastor, have him booked at the local jail, and was never charged with a crime. (Man Sues California Mall After Guard Arrests Him for Having Conversation About God)  What is the reaction from the Church?  Absolute silence. When you see this type of open assault to the members of the Church, it is a sign that totalitarianism is about to take place.  There are 5 things the State will do before enslaving a nation:

  • Take away or severely limit the freedom to arm yourself.
  • Take away or severely limit your ability to make a living.
  • Take away your freedom to intellectually choose a political candidate by stacking both sides of the deck with their own.
  • Severely limiting your ability to move around the country as you choose without governmental intervention (checkpoints).
  • Removing or severely limiting who or how you worship.

As you can see by my list four of them has already taken place.  The fifth is in seedling form.  If the Church does not step up and speak up, we wont have to read about the persecution of Christians in the Bible or outside this country – we’ll live it.


The choice is in your hands.  You and the Believers you know can either stand up, speak up and educate others about our God given freedom, or you can discard your freedom like yesterday’s news.

Freedom Has Become Yesterday’s News

2 thoughts on “Freedom Has Become Yesterday’s News

  1. You are right again! We do have to be Joshuas in this climate of religious persecution. Our country was founded on religious freedom but by religion our forefathers were speaking of Judaism and Christianity. We have let the left take God’s word, twist it around, and beat us into submission with it. Some how we thought we were ‘being fair’. A little leaven!

    1. Susan we thought we being fair because those in the pulpit were teaching about God’s love and mercy – which is true. However, they neglected to tell us about God’s righteousness and justice. Something not only the world will have to see, but the Church will experience firsthand.

      To avert the Church seeing the full force of God”s wrath, we must repent. What those in Church leadership negate to tell us is that if order flows from the top down, repentance doesn’t flow from the bottom up. That being said, why is the call on US to repent FIRST?

      Just a thought.

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