Patriotism Lit the Fuse, but Repentance and Revolution Started the Fire

Watching the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) “party” movement grow,  I noticed something.  While there is justified resentment and anger displayed,  there was one thing lacking:  Repentance.  Not just in the II Chronicles 7:14 fashion,  but repentance that we as individuals and as a nation did not seek the Lord on who is to rule over us. 

As it was with the ancient Israelites, so it is with us.  We do not understand that God constructed this form of government and that we have been privileged by Him to choose leaders over us.  We wanted a “king” like the other nations (see I Samuel Chapter 8).  This is exactly what we got.  We got a “Saul” – a man who looks like a king but lacks the wisdom to govern like one (read I Samuel 9 to see what Saul does after becoming king).  It is for this reason, we are witnessing the slow death of our nation.  

The biggest inspiration of the TEA movement is not their vocalization of their anger, or their rallies or marches;  but in their rediscovery of who they are.  This a modern case of the children of darkness being wiser than the children of light (see Luke 16:8)  To them the “master of the house” are the Founding Fathers.  To us it is the Lord Himself.  Rather than trying to come into agreement on every little nuance and risked being kicked out of the (Founding) Father’s house, the put aside their differences or “settled the debt” instead of waiting on the debtor to give them the full amount.  That in turn gave them some working “capital”. 

This should be an example to the Church in America.  We need to rediscover ourselves.  We need rediscover why are we here.  Yes, we are called to preach the Gospel to every creature.  Yes, we are called to be salt and light to a dark generation.  I’m saying to you look deeper than that.  We the Church in America are to be the spiritual and social half  of the “solution” to the problem we all face.  The TEA movement on the other hand, is political half of the solution to the same problem.

What if, just what if, we lend our gifts and talents to them and they in turn, lend their gifts and talents to us.  What do you think America would look like?  I believe it would look like what the Fathers (both the Lord and the Founding) would envision.  The “city set upon a hill”.  The “refuge” people could run into.  In other words, what Heaven would look like on the Earth.  The Church would give balance to the TEA movement on trying not run government without God and they would in turn give the Church balance to take action on an issue instead relegating it to prayer alone.


The time has come to join forces.  To put aside our spiritual pride.  To link up in arms and fight a common enemy: Demonic forces and the people they use, who have set out to radically and permanently alter the spiritual, political and social landscape of this nation.  With God’s help and our obedience, we will return this land to what is was called to be:  One Nation Under God.

Patriotism Lit the Fuse, but Repentance and Revolution Started the Fire