Check the Lens, Not the Image


How we judge things is based on our perception.  The image itself may be fine, but it’s how we perceive it or the “lens” we use the image may become distorted.  An example of this is the world around us.  How we view and react to the world we live in will be a direct reflection of the lens we use.  The judgment that we make through that lens is known as a worldview.

Most things around us revolve around something else.  For example,  the moon revolves around the Earth.  The Earth revolves around the sun.  Your worldview will revolve around your perception of how the world would be made righteous.  But your belief system is the lens you use to see that righteousness. 

There are many ways to see righteousness in the world. In reality it just boils down to two:  A human viewpoint or a Devine one, commonly known as a Biblical view.  A humanistic world view deals with the human being being the center of life.  Being the one primarily that we share our joy in moments of triumph and our pain in our moments of despair.  That being human is the common denominator that binds us together, yet makes us unique at the same time.  Unfortunately in order to answer questions that no individual human can answer, you would have to rely on collective human reasoning and wisdom.  Even on the best of days, that kind of reasoning and logic is limited at best. That being said, your quest for the truth may be fruitless and your frustration may begin to grow because you realize your journey has become incomplete.   

In contrast, there is the Devine or Biblical world view.  In this view you have a God who has not only created the universe and everything in it, He created human beings that look just like Him (See Genesis 1:26).  He has given a manual on how to live (the Bible).  That manual not only tells people how to live, but also give promises of rewards to those that are faithful and promises of judgment to those who are His enemies.  In most cases a humanistic world view the journey is made alone with a little help along the way from time to time.  Not so with a Biblical worldview. In a biblical worldview God, who created us promises never to leave nor forsake us (see Hebrews 13:5).  in other words, we take this journey called life together with Him.   In this journey we discover things about ourselves that He already knew about us.  Which is the one of the reasons we thank Him for in essence,  showing us ourselves. 

I have heard from the both the secular and the sacred arenas that God does not get involve in politics.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Proverbs 29:2 says:

When the righteous are in power, the people rejoice.  When the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. 

This came from Solomon.  The wisest man that ever lived.  The son of King David.  He knew as God knew that in a governmental system such as the Judges as well as our own Constitutional Republic, a wise choice for a political candidate could spell prosperity or destruction for a nation. 


A choice needs to be made. The time is short.  The image of our country is in front of us all.  The question is shall continue wearing “rose-colored” glasses and continue to see a  distorted image or do we retire the glasses and see the image clearly?

Check the Lens, Not the Image