Haiti – A Sign of Things to Come

As I read and watch the news media coverage on the earthquake and the aftermath in Haiti,  I begin to see similarities of the tragic devastation there, and the potential havoc that can come to our shores if the Church does not take its rightful place as a lamp to light the way.
What do I mean by similarities?  The first similarity is political.  The people of Haiti elected a dictator – Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier in 1961.  A doctor by trade, whose campaign was designed to “bring change to the government”.  He was loved by the people who supported him.  Kind of similar to a certain “community organizer” we all know.  It was after he was elected, the people saw the “change”  he was referring to.  Since the Legislative branch there was merely a rubber stamp for his agenda – very similar to our own,  he instructed the Parliament to change the Haitian constitution in order that the Parliament could vote him in as “president for life”.  Could something like that be done here?  Possibly.  Since most of the states have been financially mismanaged, a lot of state dollars come from the federal government which can be used as a bargaining chip to force state legislators to change our Constitution to whichever way Obama wants.
Secondly, the similarities would be economic.  As it was in New Orleans after Katrina in 2005, there is a breakdown of essential social services there, including law and order. That has resulted in the looting of stores and homes by the terrorism of “gangs” that are afraid and angry at other people who have what they don’t.  In either case, it would justify martial law to be put in place.  The problem with martial law is that once installed, it never leaves. 
Third, there would be a religious similarity.  How could this be?  Since the first two have been accepted by the people (whether accepted willingly or by force is irrelevant).  The people would be complicit into accepting the State as God and then a demand would be placed on the people that the State is to be worshipped as such.  Such practices have been implemented in the historical past and do continue to the present day.  Can this be prevented here?  Yes.  Only if the Christian who’s equally well versed in the Bible and the Constitution, who can take both books and lay them down side by side and declare to our countrymen, “It is in this, that our country should be governed”.  It is not the responsibility of a single individual or a small group of people to do this.  This is a charge that befalls all of us. 

Our nation is truly at the precipice of plunging itself into historical oblivion.  Shall we turn away from this cliff and walk back down this “mountain of despair” or do we dive headlong into the abyss of political, economic and religious chaos, never realizing our potential for greatness, but selling ourselves short for a cheap “high” of fame and notoriety?

Haiti – A Sign of Things to Come

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