Slavery – Back in Fashion Again

It has only taken 50 or so years for the United States to go from the world’s biggest producing nation to becoming the world’s biggest consuming nation. For decades we as a nation have looked at credit as a right and not as a tool. We have carried a balance like it was a badge of honor. The bigger the balance, the more “prosperous” we were. All the while not thinking that there will be a payday – someday.

Government can not do anything without the consent of the governed. We carried balances on our personal credit cards because we allow it. That type of thinking has transferred to our respective state capitals as well as Washington, D.C.. Why? Because governments consists of people, not ideologies. It is the people who we trust, and those that have proven to be trustworthy that implement those ideologies. Since the 1960’s, government have proven to be untrustworthy because of the people in it. From the “war on poverty” started by Johnson, to the government “raiding” of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid leaving IOUs in the fund in the 1970’s, to the present day, We as a nation are being forced into slavery – economic slavery.

It is my understanding that there are 30 million or roughly 10% of the nation is either unemployed, partially employed (what is commonly called the working poor) and/or on some type of government assistance – food stamps, Section 8 Housing, etc. How could something like this happen in a single generation? The answer is shocking, yet quite simple. We forgot who we are.

Like an attorney, in order to find the root cause of a matter you must go back to the beginning, or in lawyer speak, original intent. Who is an American? One that believes in God, self-governance, self-reliance, and charity toward others, to name a few. One thing the Founding Fathers recognized is that if God is in control of you, laws would be unnecessary. Laws are only there for those who choose not to be controlled by God. Does it mean that the Founding Fathers were perfect? No. They had flaws just as all of us do. As an example, they owned people as physical slaves. However, that was rectified by the 14th Amendment. What they did know is that government by design was supposed be limited. The 10th Amendment is a prime example of this. The 10th Amendment says this:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”.

Our federal and to some extent, state governments were never designed to be as far-reaching as they are. Yet they are in the shape they’re in by our choice, not God’s will. It is time to rein in those who are in power or show them the door. I know they are some who say “Pray for those in authority”.  While yes, that is true to a certain extent. However, if you do not understand the purpose of something, abuse will be inevitable. Many of our leaders do not understand or have simply have forgotten why they are in the position they’re in. It is time to remind them why they are in office.  Whether we set up an appointment with them to have a discussion, all the way to voting them out of office. It is our responsibility to make it known to them clearly that we do not approve of the position you are putting us in. That we are in control of the government, not the other way around. That through our choice, not your laws we are a free nation under God, that we will serve Him as we see fit and that our government will reflect that service. Proverbs 29:2 says:

“When the righteous are in power the people rejoice. When the wicked beareth rule the people mourn.

It is time for America to rejoice again.

Slavery – Back in Fashion Again