Get Lasik So Glasses Wont be Necessary

We all seem to make New Years Resolutions. The resolution themselves are as diverse as the ones who make them. The spectrum can range from losing weight, to quitting smoking, to even spending more time with God.

I suggest a new resolution for the Church: Getting Lasik surgery. Not for your natural eyes, but your spiritual ones. Once you receive this “surgery”, religious “glasses” will no longer be necessary. Why? Because you will be able to see things clearly. Where there is clarity, purpose emerges. When purpose emerges, plans come into focus. When plans come into focus, action can be taken. The action that is taken is not always spiritual. It may start in that direction, but it does not always finish there. It is in this, the Church gets hung up.

In this new year, it is imperative that the Church get physically involved with solving the nation’s problems. I know that some may think this is impossible. However, with God, all things are possible. As the adage goes, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”. We are not called to do the same thing. However, we are called to do something. There are even times we are called to the same thing, not just at the same time. Even when you think you can’t solve the problem, you can lend your talent and support to the solution. In short, every problem that we have is not caused by “the devil”. So the solution may not be always spiritual.

Getting involved with government or a group outside of the Church maybe just the ticket for the world to see Jesus. You may not get a chance to “preach” the Word, but when you get involved with the world you will have to know the Word. Because when ideas begin to be exchanged, you have to know how apply Scripture correctly. In other words, how to rightly divide the Word of Truth in the particular setting that you’re in.

Our mission is still to preach the Gospel. The methods may change. Even the content may change. However, the context – a Biblical world view, should never change. This is what I implore all Christians to do. To establish a Biblical world view within themselves, then establish and promote it where they are. It is in this, that the Kingdom of God will be established on Earth as it already is in Heaven.

Get Lasik So Glasses Wont be Necessary