Houston, We Have a Problem

In Houston, Texas a political tragedy has occurred. Annise Parker a open lesbian, has become the mayor-elect of that city. Houston has a population of 2.2 million people. The election was decided in a run-off election to which only 16.5% of the population voted and Parker received 53% of that vote. This is a classic example where every vote counts, and that your vote is more important than your prayer. Here are few questions I have:

Why were the Pastors silent on her lifestyle? If they were outspoken I guarantee you the liberal media would have picked up on it and would demonized that Pastor’s character. However, the silence on their end was deafening.

Why didn’t Christian voters in Houston go past their Pastors wishes and bring up Ms. Parker’s lifestyle and how that example could be destructive to children’s needs?

These are two of many questions that need to be addressed. Not just in the Houston area, but where you live as well. I have said it before and I will say it again: Check your government before they check you. Just ask yourself these questions, Houston:

When Ms. Parker passes anti-Christian legislation, will you “obey the laws of the land”?

When Ms. Parker kisses her lover in public, how will explain to your children that girls kissing other girls is “OK”?

Bottom line is this: This election is not God’s will. This was your choice. Hope you can live with it.

Houston, We Have a Problem