Are You a Tither or a Tenther?

As I stated in my last blog “The Hounds of Hell Are No Longer at the Gate…They’re Now at the Threshold of Your Door” I stated, “Check your government or your government will check you”. When confronted with this statement the Christian has to ask themselves the question, “Where do my rights come from? – God or government?

If your answer is government, then you have to believe that God has absolutely nothing to do with the rule of law. That governments are solely of man’s design. That freedom is an illusion conjured up by the Founding Fathers of this country to bring about the product of economic and political slavery of the population. That God’s interest are purely spiritual. That He cares about absolutely nothing about the temporal.

With that being said, you would have to be completely “at odds” with Heaven since God has played this practical joke on you and put your spirit in an Earthly body to watch you squirm for up to 100 years or so, then when He is tired of seeing you writhe in agony, He will release your spirit from you flesh, and you will go on to be with Him forever.

The alternative is that your rights come from God. That all of what you have is not yours to own but that to steward. To steward something not only means to take care of, but when the time calls for it to defend and protect it. Your rights are no exception. There has not been a person that hasn’t set foot in a church (especially a Protestant one) for 10 minutes and had not heard the Pastor calling for the congregation to be stewards of their money. Yet the silence is quite deafening coming from the pulpit about the Church member stewarding their rights. The common denominator is – You guessed it, BOTH come from God. If both came from God would it be fair to say that God is concerned about both of them?

I heard Church leadership admonish the congregation about not knowing the Ten Commandments. How about the Ten Amendments? Most people know the first, maybe the second, but how about the tenth? The Tenth amendment to the Constitution says:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people”.

To that end there is no Constitutional provision for federal healthcare. Since Pastors are inclined to say, “We must obey the laws of the land”. Why are we not obeying this one? The Preamble says …provide for the common defense. Promote the general welfare… Notice what it says the federal government is supposed to provide for: The common defense, not the common welfare, and certainly not the common healthcare.

So if some asks you “Are a tither or a tenther”? The correct answer should be “Yes”.

Are You a Tither or a Tenther?