The Hounds of Hell Are No Longer at the Gate…They’re Now at the Threshold of Your Door

I have said over the last 5-10 years I have said, “Check your government before your government checks you.  My blogs have been – and still are, focused on the Church in America and the apathy that’s in her.  Why?  I simply believe that the conscious of America can be found in our churches.  If the conscious is functioning properly,  then clear cut concepts of right and wrong according to Scripture are to be established.  It is very evident to me that these concepts have been blurred for quite some time.  When concepts are blurred, confusion sets in.  When confusion sets in, direction is lost.  When direction is lost, anywhere sounds better than nowhere.  When that happens, someone else can take the reins of power and steer you, the Church and this country in a direction that God does not want any of us to go.

Consider this: 

The Senate version of the Employee Non Discrimination Act (S.1584) at present has a provision that excludes religious organizations from hiring homosexuals as Church staff (See Section 6).  However, what it does not say it that it excludes non-profit organizations from complying with this legislation.  In short, churches with 15 or more employees would be forced to go for profit to escape enforcement of the law and then would be forced in bankruptcy or the shutting down of their ministry all together in their first year of being for profit.   Either way, the government wins. 

I am aware we are living in an end-times scenario.  I am aware that we are in the Laodicean church age.  I am aware that what Jesus talked about that we are living in is the “The beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:8).  However, what we don’t know (including Pastors) is when the sorrows end, and the tribulation begins (beginning of course when the Man of Sin is revealed).  The short time in between the two is called the Rapture.  Since we should preach the Gospel while we have the freedom to do so, isn’t it equally as important to preserve the freedom we have as well as the Gospel we preach?

Remember, we will all stand before God.  When we, the Church in America will be asked the question, “What did you with the freedom I gave you”?  What will be your response?

The Hounds of Hell Are No Longer at the Gate…They’re Now at the Threshold of Your Door