We Have Passed the Signpost. Brace Yourself for the Cliff Ahead

In a post I titled “Sign Post Ahead: Bridge Out America” I said, “We are fast approaching the point of no return. Either we hit the brakes and do a 180 degree turn, or mash our foot on the gas and drive off the cliff heading hood first into the canyon of history that is so wide and so deep no one would be able to hear the “splat””. We have now reached that point.

The House of Representatives will vote tonight on the nationalization of our health care. If it passes it will move on to the Senate where they will vote and pass it, then Obama will sign it into law. Remember this a bill that is 1990 pages long. It includes language that will federally fund abortion on demand. No member of the House has claimed that they have read it all which means that they voting on something they have not read – and YOU not GOD put them in that office. Which simply means you will face the outcome of this vote and will have to come to terms that your prayers and fasting will have no effect because you CHOSE evil rather than defeating it.

This is the culmination of Pastors being passive, the Church being apathetic, and those Christian social networking sites such as MyChurch who choose to ignore the practical and focus on strictly the spiritual. If this bill makes it to Obama’s desk with the abortion language intact, those who voted for Obama on November 4, 2008 will be guilty of systematically killing millions of children in the womb. Those who do not communicate with their representatives will be guilty of accessory to murder.

I know my language is very strong in this blog. However, we are in a desperate hour. The judgment of God has fallen on this nation since November 4th, 2008. The day Christians chose Obama to sit as President when he said repeatedly said throughout his campaign that he supports abortion on demand and same-sex marriage. It will only be by your prayer AND ACTION that this country will begin to see the turnaround needed for the third Great Awakening to take place.

To Christian America: The choice is now in your hands. You can either stand up, speak up and do something to change your country besides prayer. Or you can sit by do nothing and continue to go to your “State Sponsored” (501c3) church listening to your politically correct but Biblically wrong Pastor while your brothers and sisters in Christ like me more than likely be labeled an enemy of the State and will be jailed or executed for treason because I dared to speak out against the wrongs in our government as well as the Church.

We Have Passed the Signpost. Brace Yourself for the Cliff Ahead